Self Sufficiency

Self Sufficiency

Self Sufficiency

Similarly to everything in life, self-sufficiency has a degree that mirrors the knowledge and information of the person in question.

A baby starts its first attempt to become part of the Earthly community in the womb when it moves for the first time. From that minute on real education begins. Every piece of information, advice, let it be mental or physical, would add to the road to self-sufficiency.

We never really fully understand how influential our thoughts and deeds are. These early days create the foundation of later confidence, courage and knowledge. There is a vast misconception about parenthood. Some parents treat their children as if they were porcelain dolls without understanding their functional capabilities. Although the physical body needs to be discovered, the brain is fully active from the very first moment. As a sponge it takes in every word and emotional energy, stores them to be used at a later stage when the functions of the body is learnt and time arrives for implementation. Parents should not be slaves or servants to their children, but patient teachers and guides. This is not an easy task, especially if the degree of self-sufficiency of the parents is low. A good teacher doesn’t solve the equation but leads students to the solution by explaining each step on the way. It is not enough to say: don’t do this and don’t do that, but to give importance to the questions such as why, when, where and how. The biggest problem arises from the fact that most parents are not self-sufficient enough to go through the teaching required.

The first and very essential step in parenting to treat your children as equals. They should have duties and chores, also time to relax and have fun. Let them know that life is happy and it needs to be lived and experienced. How many times are hear the sentence: “Why cannot you do better at school, when you have nothing else to do but study! I do everything for you! I work day and night for you!” Parents are forgetful. They do not remember the days they skipped school for some fun and enjoyment.  I call it the most popular blackmail in children-parents relationship. Naturally it works vice versa.

The only way to reach self-sufficiency is to try yourself in different situations and learn to solve tasks that are obstacles on your path. Within the interrelations of energies we need to provide this possibility for each other by minding our own business, bringing solutions to tasks related to our personal existence and only advise solutions to others when asked. It is very naïve to think that a wise person learns from the mistakes of others. Experience is needed to develop and maintain self-sufficiency.

As I explained earlier the degree of self-sufficiency depends on the code brought forward from the family, one’s self-confidence, eagerness to succeed, curiosity and the ability to be happy without relying on specific persons financially, emotionally or mentally.

When talking about self-sufficiency we usually mean financial independence.

Self-sufficiency is the ability to live independently. To have personal aims not related to the success of specific persons. To make decisions do not mirror the viewpoint of others and faithfully follow the desire of the Self.

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