Ex-files of Happiness 

are the aim of every search for better living.

ex-files are the x-factors of the relationship scenery: the x being the unknown in the equation.

The word relationship is usually associated with the romantic kind; the couplehood that most earthlings are aiming for, and base the quality of existence on its outcome. However romantic togetherness is only 1 in the puzzle of interrelated emotions racing for attention.

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Agony Aunt

We are a great bunch of curious people from all over the world who are brave enough to ask questions about Life, People and the Universe and driven to find satisfactory answers. As a member, here you can ask your question privately.

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Convenient ignorance might be bliss in the eyes of The Church, nevertheless, it only leads to a vegetative existence. Without understanding who you are and what is happening around you would result in withdrawal from actions and feelings.
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