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We offer our members a possibility to see their writing in print.

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Limitless Prospects

It is easy to believe that your life is written somewhere, being it a palm leaf stored in a small village of India or somewhere in the heavens. In fact you are the co-creator of your life. Take this responsibility on board. Keep reading

Meaningful Lessons

Living in the Past takes your Present away. Without Present there is no Future.

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Ex-files of Happiness 

are the aim of every search for better living.

ex-files are the x-factors of the relationship scenery: the x being the unknown in the equation.

The word relationship is usually associated with the romantic kind; the couplehood that most earthlings are aiming for, and base the quality of existence on its outcome. However romantic togetherness is only 1 in the puzzle of interrelated emotions racing for attention.  is a teaching, coaching and healing platform

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Agony Aunt

We are a great bunch of curious people from all over the world who are brave enough to ask questions about Life, People and the Universe and driven to find satisfactory answers. As a member, here you can ask your question privately.

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Convenient ignorance might be bliss in the eyes of The Church, nevertheless, it only leads to a vegetative existence. Without understanding who you are and what is happening around you would result in withdrawal from actions and feelings.
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There is no question small enough to be tossed aside or forgotten. We are here to talk to and aid you.


the freedom of thoughts

Meet us!

As we go along the road we design forums to meet. Some of them will require your help and others work as separate entities.

As an example, Meet-up groups we only design for our members. It means that we need members. is a valuable part of with It is designed to aid in everyday issues and hoping to create communities worthy of the name and meeting points with values.

Today, when hatred is so much implanted into the minds of earthlings - everybody is hating somebody for some kind of, usually fabricated reasons - we need open-minded and good communities where we can learn each other. At the end of the story, we are all earthlings and we live in interrelation. As you can see we cannot do without you! We made a decision! Now it is your turn!

Great Togetherness

The coaches on are well trained, good healers, well travelled and advance student in the mysteries of the universe.
One can only help if one is able to look at individuals without judging and preconceptions.