My story

Life is an extraordinary journey.

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Premier Courses

The Premium Courses on touch upon the core, go beyond and under, to find explanations and remedies. 

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  We are a REAL family. Educating, helping, healing each other and having a lot of FUN in the process!   Read more

The Awakening debate


As an Awakened or Awakening person, you are invited to be part of this wonderful initiative where my expert colleague, dr Beverly Lawrence and I would share some secrets and ultimate knowledge on the path we need to follow in this exciting Golden Era, The 6th Sun Age. We are set to answer all your burning questions about existence, earth and the universe. We also encourage you to take the stand and become an occasional panelist on our video streaming live in The Awakeners FB Group.  

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The Human Trinity

The next Premium Course Starts on the 11th of January 2023

Keep your brain alert and ready for challenges you are facing on a daily basis as a healer, coach, therapist practitioner and awakened human being.

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The Gut Solution

This is an Evergreen Digital Premium Course with support 

Change your connection to food and develop a whole-hearted approach to eating while your health improves and the pleasure remains accessible.

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Conscious Togetherness

Life is an extraordinary journey.

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A book no bedroom should be without


When the two Cosms Meet. 

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   And the story continues.   

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The Ex-Files Community

We offer an eco-system of support on The lifetime membership allows the students to seek help in the private Facebook group, set up for HAPPINESS CHAMPIONS.

Monthly Discussion Forums held in THE AWAKENERS group open a more intimate atmosphere to ask questions.

We encourage you to share your stories.

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Ex-files of Knowledge, Health & Happiness

This year is the year of learning. That is why the ultimate aim of our masterclasses is to reach THE VAST MAJORITY of the English-speaking population.
We are also happy to train others who would be able to adapt the masterclasses to other languages.