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Life is Yours to Win

IT ALL HAPPENS IN THE MIND Although today’s events were clearly foreseen, however, nobody could imagine the vast impact they have already placed on, and continue to affect, the lives of earthlings. In this trying time keeping the mind fresh and free of further confusion is vital to much-needed mental health.  I am not the…
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Happiness Happiness is the result of one’s relationship with the Universe. It is a philosophy, a point of view. Although we have this misconception that happiness depends on the state of the current companionship in life, it actually dwells within. It mirrors the understanding of existence and the earthling’s individual thought forms about the word.…
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Self Sufficiency

Self Sufficiency Similarly to everything in life, self-sufficiency has a degree that mirrors the knowledge and information of the person in question. A baby starts its first attempt to become part of the Earthly community in the womb when it moves for the first time. From that minute on real education begins. Every piece of…
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