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Although today’s events were clearly foreseen, however, nobody could imagine the vast impact they have already placed on, and continue to affect, the lives of earthlings.

In this trying time keeping the mind fresh and free of further confusion is vital to much-needed mental health. 

I am not the first philosopher to observe that the fiercest enemy of mankind is fear. However, not many would take the next step to figure out the actual origin of this overpowering, omnipresent, life-altering and heart-bouncing feeling. Fear is equally in eating or not, walking or not, doing or not, saying or not and having or not. Regardless of the choice one makes, the little devil is always there to doubt the decision. Earthlings have the peculiar idea that making the right decision is vital. However, what they do not comprehend is that every decision one makes is the right one for the given event. The momentary mind-set creates the decision to fit the capabilities of the person. Therefore, every choice one makes is the right one at the time.

Due to the emotions caused by the delicate understanding of happenings, the conscious and the subconscious create filters and gateways through which information comes in and is selected.

However, in the genes, earthlings remember. Not only the current one but all the previous lives on Earth and on other planets. There are scientifically proven methods that help in healing and with emotional blockages, such as kinesiology and deep hypnosis, where patients are taken over the bridge, to the past, in an attempt to solve emotional or physical pain of the present. The success of these methods depends on the reading ability of the practitioner, and upon the patient’s openness. It follows the fact that one can only see, whatever one would be able to imagine, therefore, either consciously or subconsciously, understands. This statement might not correspond with the everyday behaviour of the person, for humans put on many layers in order to please others or the imposed requirements of society, workplace and family. In one word, to conquer fear. If a practitioner has problems with seeing past lives on other planets in the physical realm, they will not be able to notice them, and if the patient cannot comprehend the possibility of such life, there is no point in mentioning it.

This understanding is present in the sciences also. A member of this knowledgeable profession learns certain facts about life, past and present, many of them are only assumed or put there for convenience, usually as the starting point. In their work, they apply those criteria regardless, so as to actually narrow the possibilities and the outcome of the discoveries about the past. If you think about it, the past cannot be proven, neither the present, for reality depends on the intelligence and understanding of the person charged with the valuation of certain events. Since the starting point is shaky, due to an ideology, wish or non-proven conclusion, the whole finding will take the turn towards hypothesis rather than real value.

When it comes to mind, there are no general rules to follow. The only fact is given that everything is interrelated. It is the basic and only requirement of the whole universe to exist with Earth and earthlings in it.

The cycle of nature is a piece of clever machinery. Human life is part of this infinite existence that constantly evolves in the interrelations of events. Every living energy has a place in this cycle, humanity included. However, due to the lack of intelligence, earthlings gradually stepped out of it, by imagining that they are above it all, and have the power of ruling, therefore ruining everything. On the other hand, they created God Almighty, who is supposedly in charge of life and death. In this contradictory reality, the responsibility is conveniently shifted over on the shoulders of the Creator, while people of the planet are persistently ruining The Great Work. 

This basic contradiction is the root of every confusion, misconception, and misunderstanding in the minds of many.

It is very naïve to think that the mind could be healed by superficial aids such as medication or conventional psychoanalysis. It takes learning, understanding and willpower, to get on the path of joyful living. It is time to realize that nothing valuable comes to you without work, for valuable thoughts, understandings and knowledge are hidden. It takes a committed, curious and life-loving earthling to dig for the treasure without being satisfied by the glittery surface. 

Have a nice life!

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Happiness is the result of one’s relationship with the Universe. It is a philosophy, a point of view. Although we have this misconception that happiness depends on the state of the current companionship in life, it actually dwells within. It mirrors the understanding of existence and the earthling’s individual thought forms about the word.

Happiness is in your mind

There is a serious misconception about HAPPINESS out there, for it is always connected to conditions: either material or emotional. However, HAPPINESS is not achievable through the fulfilment of certain desires. The “I’ll be happy if” syndrome brings tremendous heartache into the lives of earthlings. Due to the fact that everything is interrelated, a condition is always followed by another one creating an endless string of requirements. On one hand, these phenomena provide the earthling with the essential movement needed for constant motion in existence. However, on the other hand, the constant desire chasing and lack of achievement bring in depression, crossed emotions and lack of awareness in real-time living. Conditions fulfil only in the future, so these earthlings do not live life in the present. Also, the future will always be in the future.

HAPPINESS is a way of looking at life.

It is a philosophy. A state of mind that only arrives by understanding events, the interrelations, the universe and the self in it. It is the Knowledge. The greatest Wisdom one needs to not only chase but catch also, in the shape of KEYWORDS in order to open untouched folders in the memory compartment of the brain. 

In the end, the quality of life results from one’s understanding of the Universe at a given time and aspect. Staying with happiness is an overwhelming emotional state that occurs when the individual earthling reaches the point of fulfilment, which brings clarity concerning the interrelations of events.

Do not mistake happiness with the surface idea of peace and harmony. Earthlings seek as the ultimate result of good living. Although they are practically the same, the understanding is not. As an example, when we say: leave me in peace we actually mean that we should be left alone in our nutshell, with familiar thoughts and ideas. However, it is the darker pole of existence with no interaction and motion. It is the greatest pitfall, the stillness, the vegetating.

Happiness is a way of living

As a cycle, life is a catch 22 situation, provided by the pushing–pulling motion of the conscious and the sub-conscious. It is the Ying and Yan motion. Although the soul is immortal, the physical body has its time limits. As a result, a cycle of earthly living is restricted to the well-functioning of this evolutionary tool. It is why earthlings spend a lifetime protecting the physical body by putting a roof over it, dress, clean, feed, comfort it, take it to the gym, put it through emotional effects and all kinds of pleasure. We do that because it is through the body we experience and evolve. This motion keeps the body alive. On the other hand, in our mind, we rush through life only touching the steps we planned to walk while thinking about the next station on the row.

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Self Sufficiency

Self Sufficiency

Similarly to everything in life, self-sufficiency has a degree that mirrors the knowledge and information of the person in question.

A baby starts its first attempt to become part of the Earthly community in the womb when it moves for the first time. From that minute on real education begins. Every piece of information, advice, let it be mental or physical, would add to the road to self-sufficiency.

We never really fully understand how influential our thoughts and deeds are. These early days create the foundation of later confidence, courage and knowledge. There is a vast misconception about parenthood. Some parents treat their children as if they were porcelain dolls without understanding their functional capabilities. Although the physical body needs to be discovered, the brain is fully active from the very first moment. As a sponge it takes in every word and emotional energy, stores them to be used at a later stage when the functions of the body is learnt and time arrives for implementation. Parents should not be slaves or servants to their children, but patient teachers and guides. This is not an easy task, especially if the degree of self-sufficiency of the parents is low. A good teacher doesn’t solve the equation but leads students to the solution by explaining each step on the way. It is not enough to say: don’t do this and don’t do that, but to give importance to the questions such as why, when, where and how. The biggest problem arises from the fact that most parents are not self-sufficient enough to go through the teaching required.

The first and very essential step in parenting to treat your children as equals. They should have duties and chores, also time to relax and have fun. Let them know that life is happy and it needs to be lived and experienced. How many times are hear the sentence: “Why cannot you do better at school, when you have nothing else to do but study! I do everything for you! I work day and night for you!” Parents are forgetful. They do not remember the days they skipped school for some fun and enjoyment.  I call it the most popular blackmail in children-parents relationship. Naturally it works vice versa.

The only way to reach self-sufficiency is to try yourself in different situations and learn to solve tasks that are obstacles on your path. Within the interrelations of energies we need to provide this possibility for each other by minding our own business, bringing solutions to tasks related to our personal existence and only advise solutions to others when asked. It is very naïve to think that a wise person learns from the mistakes of others. Experience is needed to develop and maintain self-sufficiency.

As I explained earlier the degree of self-sufficiency depends on the code brought forward from the family, one’s self-confidence, eagerness to succeed, curiosity and the ability to be happy without relying on specific persons financially, emotionally or mentally.

When talking about self-sufficiency we usually mean financial independence.

Self-sufficiency is the ability to live independently. To have personal aims not related to the success of specific persons. To make decisions do not mirror the viewpoint of others and faithfully follow the desire of the Self.

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