Happiness is the result of one’s relationship with the Universe. It is a philosophy, a point of view. Although we have this misconception that happiness depends on the state of the current companionship in life, it actually dwells within. It mirrors the understanding of existence and the earthling’s individual thought forms about the word.

Happiness is in your mind

There is a serious misconception about HAPPINESS out there, for it is always connected to conditions: either material or emotional. However, HAPPINESS is not achievable through the fulfillment of certain desires. The “I’ll be happy if” syndrome brings tremendous heartache into the lives of earthlings. Due to the fact that everything is interrelated, a condition is always followed by another one creating an endless string of requirements. On one hand, these phenomena provide the earthling with the essential movement needed for constant motion in existence. However, on the other hand, the constant desire chasing and unfulfillment bring in depression, crossed emotions and lack of awareness in real-time living. Conditions fulfill only in the future, so these earthlings do not live life in the present. 

HAPPINESS is a way of looking at life.

It is a philosophy. A state of mind that only arrives by understanding events, the interrelations, the universe and the self in it. It is the Knowledge. The greatest Wisdom one needs to not only chase but catch also, in the shape of KEYWORDS in order to open untouched folders in the memory compartment of the brain. 

In the end, the quality of life results from one’s understanding of the Universe at a given time and aspect. Staying with happiness is an overwhelming emotional state that occurs when the individual earthling reaches the point of fulfillment, that brings clarity concerning the interrelations of events.

Do not mistake happiness with the surface idea of peace and harmony. Earthlings seek as the ultimate result of good living. Although they are practically the same, the understanding is not. As an example, when we say: leave me in peace we actually mean that we should be left alone in our nutshell, with familiar thoughts and ideas. However, it is the darker pole of existence with no interaction and motion. It is the greatest pitfall, the stillness, the vegetating.

Happiness is a way of living

As a cycle, life is a catch 22 situation, provided by the pushing – pulling motion of the conscious and the sub-conscious. It is the Ying and Yan motion. Although the soul is immortal, the physical body has its time limits. As a result, a cycle of earthly living is restricted to the well-functioning of this evolutionary tool. It is why earthlings spend a lifetime to protect the physical body by putting a roof over it, clothes, clean, feed, comfort it, take it to the gym, put it through emotional effects and all kinds of pleasure. We do that because it is through the body we experience and evolve. This motion keeps the body alive. On the other hand, in the mind, we rush through life only touching the steps we planned to walk while thinking about the next station on the row.

Live in the present!

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Mental health

Mental health


The eye of Horus

Now, that a daughter of a prominent family was put to rest on their estate, due to overdose, and an Ohio youth opened fire on people, killing 9 – his own sister amongst others – and injuring many, I think it is time to talk about the latest craze, mental health. I call it the latest craze because it’s been handled as an untreatable phenomenon, arriving at certain people, who end in some kind of killing mission or quietly overdose themselves without anybody noticing it until too late.

Mental health

is the mirror of your thought, as everything else you do, say or think. It is the achieved state of your mind.

A healthy mind is organized. It means that all your thoughts are connected somewhere and they circle around a certain principal. The problem starts when you have many ideas, without thoroughly understanding any. Unfortunately, this confusion comes from home. People take on the act of procreating at a stage when they are not ready for it. This fact is more common in the so-called civilized countries, where people use traditions as a rope, rather than a necessary knowledge for survival. Millions of sects out there, trying to entice you into becoming a faithful member. Some of them is offering you the privilege of feeling more and greater than the rest of the population, others would urge you to give yourself up to superficial powers who would lead your life as they feel fit. Both ways are taking away the responsibilities over your deeds.

Mental health

starts in the family. If it was left to the two persons, who decide to take the life path together, the world would be a far better place. However, members of the new family, especially the parents, think they have the right to interfere, arguing the illusion that they know better and it is called helping what they do. However, they do not care about your happiness and mental health in any way whatsoever. They only stick to the sandcastle they built and given to you as the foundation for adulthood.

Mental health

should be addressed by making an effort of understanding yourself and events around you. It is a learning procedure you have to invest time and work into it, again as you should do with everything. The key here is responsibility.

Below I explain the basic structure of the mind. These articles were published in various languages on learning platforms. Should you want to take on serious learning here is the link to the



It all happens in the mind


In everyday living Earthlings go through traumas, mishaps, joy, happiness, pleasure, hatred, envy, devilishness, fear, sadness, pain, love and other different controversial emotions, and not many of us understand that all our deeds and feelings actually spring from the mind.

The Mind is a management centre, where a worker or workers – depending on the size of the company – process the data that is stored in the filing cabinet, called Brain. Some of the various folders are labelled, Past lives, Present, Future, Soul Siblings, Tasks, and others are waiting to be looked at and organized. These are all part of the subconscious, ready to be discovered and used as part of the knowledge, the wisdom that helps us with our endeavours on the path of becoming better human beings in the sense of unity and wholeness. Other ones, like Dwelling, Work, Money, Car, Education, Holiday, Relationship etc.. are neatly filed in the very front of the cabinet for quick availability.

The largest of them all has Miscellaneous scrabbled on the front with an indescribable hue of pink. It stores runaway files that sort of limber undecidedly between the conscience and the subconscious existing.

As an example, let us look at the first folder entitled Past lives. It stores the data of one’s  ancestors, the soul-number, the basic abilities – so-called codes – works the soul accomplished, events it passed through, experiences it had, battles it conquered or lost, and most importantly the knowledge that the soul collected during its lives prior to the one it struggles with or enjoys here, down on this wonderful planet called Earth.

To be able to understand the purpose of these files, their interrelations and effects on every moment of living, we need to define certain things we keep talking about. The most important is to understand that in the Universe everything is energy in the physical sense. As such everything has speed, frequency, taste, smell, consistency, sound and colour. That is what we see in the auras. The mentioned characteristics vary according to the data and the knowledge they carry.

These energy masses are either organic, meaning living; or non-organic, meaning not alive. An organic energy is capable of reproduction, like Earthlings, vegetation and animals, while non-organic ones don’t have the tools to do so. The latter is the processed result of the first.

The sole purpose of an organic energy in the Universe is to collect enough knowledge to multiply by division.

The impulses in the mind are all organic energies carrying data that have been altered by effects and counter effects, helping or hindering the owner. If the management is good and the workers do a good job in the centre the result would tilt towards the helping end.

In a series of articles, I will guide you through the labyrinth of the mind. The more you understand, the happier you’ll be, because it is all in the mind.


It all happens in the mind



As the philosophy, that observes and teaches the interrelation between the unseen soul and the cosmic knowledge, AKIA gives you free hands to discover and open the depth of the Universe and the mind.

The everything is interrelated slogan offers ample space to the endless, to the untouchable and unimaginable quantity of information and in its explanations an extremely dangerous way of thinking.

In this aspect, the beginning, the end and the middle are vague for every end is a beginning of something and the middle of another happening. We can say the same thing about the other two.

Knowing all that I would like to start with my beginning. Since this beginning was chosen by my mind it is not at all illegal to oppose it. However, my choice sets boundaries to the train of my ideas, loosens or tightens their living space. The loosening and the tightening, as the choice of the beginning, foremost depend on the momentary state of my mind, on my relation to the subject and the goal in front of my eyes. The information I have, my knowledge, my scruples, my upbringing, my schooling, my social background, my pledges and my conscience also play a decisive role in my deed. They all and many more little ingredients send certain passwords to the brain to test and try the key into the locks of neatly filed folders and into those laying around in lazy untidiness. This action happens in support of the strongest impulse, meaning the most urgent and most important task in the mind that is waiting to be solved. If I am lucky, one of the keys would fit into a lock and I would find few refreshing and helping thoughts behind the door.

Regardless of being conscious – formed under pressure – or subconscious – finds its way without invitation – after creation, the thought becomes an organic energy mass. Imagine it like the cartoons where the drawn figures’ thoughts are being written in a little, balloon-like surface with an end pointing towards the person that masterminded the thought. This particular Earthling would be the starting point of the thought-energy.

By popping out of a brain the thought would become alive. Like all other organic energy forms, the thought would start needing something to feed on. The pointed end turns around and searches for nourishment. This search is guided by the energy of the thought, meaning the words written on the balloon. The natural choice would be the person it was intended for. In the hope of reaching it on time, the thought starts its feverish search for the addressee.

It has been said that the thought doesn’t count. And that the word or the deed is

far more important.

The strength of both lies in the power of the thought.

All rights reserved © Zsa Zsa Tudos founder and teacher of AKIA philosophy®.




The metaphysical relationship of the stones
Rocks & Light in Petra Jordan. Photo Zs.T.

When I got up this morning I started to think. Well, it is not a big deal really for thoughts usually start occupying my mind at the very first conscious moment after waking. Considering the aspect of my occupation – business, life purpose, hobby, and curiosity – I would generally find the life of humanity in the centre of my pondering.

I have not been a great friend of facebook since ever really but recently it started to bug me. It is nothing to do with Mr Zuckerberg or the structure of the social media application. It is rather to do with the content.

Have you noticed how the content of facebook has changed in recent years? Out of that time, 2019 sows the most dramatic decrease in value. With millions of groups without real purpose provide platforms to complain, moan and to blame. They teach you how to find a culprit for every event – past, present and future – that ails you. And if you happened to be one of those intelligent human beings who leave the past behind where it belongs, they would make sure to put a bug into your mind in order to start doubting your choices.

Today the platform is swamped with self-appointed esoteric groups without any esoteric value whatsoever. Esoteric is a Greek word meaning the highest knowledge available to mankind. Clearly, it is a very scarcely known fact around. The event that these groups announce help for those in need, only adds to the misperception. Merely they provide space for members to put up confusing questions about the lack of their decision-making abilities, waiting for answers from the more fortunate or whoever is having the time to read them. One might say that talking about problems eases the load. It is true. However, it would not bring you a solution. You empty your mind so you have this false understanding that you dealt with the situation and put it aside. To stay in the game you grab a new thought and put it out there again. Eventually, you will end up with a pile of unsolved situation to confuse you further. Have you ever thought about actually spending some time on each of your questions and figure them out by yourself? I know it is time-consuming, so is the constant posting and waiting for help that never comes. I am sorry to tell you but not many people are out there who pay attention to your troubles. Let alone thinking about them. They only want to air the thoughts they picked up somewhere and gain a bit of a glorification.

I also happened to know that people like free stuff: free advice, free reading, free healing and so on. But guys, you really need to think! You have to pay for the time at least, what somebody invests into your life. You do not spend your precious moments on your own trouble and expect others to do it for you? Please!

I also am dreaded to see any more pictures of cute animals. It is saddening how earthlings relate to them. Yesterday I came across one with a dog sitting, its front legs protectively around a kitten. In the comments, people melted: how cute! and so on. We know that dogs and cats do not really like each other very much. However, they managed to put it aside and comfort each other in need. But this is something the hazy eyed observers could not see. We people kill each other. Condemn others due to the colour of their skin, their origin, social background and different understanding of life. We talk about the same species and these are not even qualities! We kill our own children, parents and other relatives generally considered family.

There was another interesting post I have seen. An elephant killed the man who was about to shoot it. And people were praising the animal for its bravery. And yes, it was a narrow chance. On the other hand, earthlings sit down, suffer and moan living under the jurisdiction of persons they would never talk to if they met on the street, and do nothing. Only moan. Only complain. And very often they wait for some kind of heavenly interruption. The elephant who lives under the same heavenly ruling – whatever your belief system allows it to be – understands that its life is its responsibility and needs to treasure it. Why this basic understanding cannot spring out of the minds of earthlings? If you are so much into animals, please learn from them at least! They only kill if attached or for survival and definitely help each other in any circumstances.

I would suggest you make decisions about the quality of your life and work on it. Solve past situations, live the present and look forward to the future! Life is extraordinarily beautiful. See it! Feel it!

Have a good life!



Responsibility is yours

Responsibility is yours

It does not matter which way I look at the interrelation of energies in human relationships. The Self has to be built regardless, in order to understand that you are responsible for not only your deeds, words and thoughts but for those of every human being because you are also affected by their deeds, words and thoughts.

However it is very easy to get lost on the road to fulfillment. Nevertheless one thing is for sure: there is no easy way leading there, therefore spiritual development is a must. Unfortunately the fear of being different keeps a lot of people away from the search.

Besides the misconception concerning the meaning of spirituality and religion only add to the task load. I would like to clarify this particular aspect of your understanding.

A religion is a set of beliefs and practices often centred upon specific supernatural and moral claims about reality. Becoming part of a religious group only requires acceptance of the mentioned beliefs; while spirituality is an individual and sometimes lonely path to walk in order to become one with the Creator Force.

The way I see it, religion is private. As such it should not be an obstacle between two people who would want to commit to each other. Besides,  conscience is not made by a religion.

Responsibility shift

People who are shifting the responsibility of living and life’s duties towards the Divine would make the belief the number one question in couplehood. Those earthlings give up life on a big scale because they serve certain rules and regulations for the authority over their lives’ in return.

When I enquire about the essence of a particular religion from everyday followers great majority of them states LOVE as the most important message received. Think about it!

Responsibility in your beliefs

Christians state that people outside of their faith are not good enough; Jews do not value women similarly to Muslim authorities, Hindus burn their own flesh and blood, Buddhists kill, rape and enslave Muslims and so on. It makes me wonder. Where is the love they talk about? What kind of love is that?

How do you want to live with this attitude within your family unit?

Your responsibility stretches over your partner in a relationship!

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Live in the present!

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Father – daughter relationship

Father – daughter relationship

In most families daughters favour fathers over mothers. It is in many ways a very logical behaviour even though it could bring a lot of mishaps, misunderstandings and unhappiness into the lives of people closely involved. 

Father – daughter connection

The secret of the daughters favour fathers behaviour is the fact that they are representing the two poles of existence; the father is the first male and the prototype of a gender and behaviour. 

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