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Mission statement

Are you a coach, healer, educator or a curious being puzzled by human behaviour and find it difficult to relate to your clients on a deeper level?

With the Intuitive Intimacy Premium Course, you’ll be capable of raising your business and personal existence to the highest platform of productivity and satisfaction, by understanding the work of the mind, and learning to break the code that imprisons earthlings by Awaking to Awareness. So, confusion disappears, insecurity, weakness, stress, depression and frustration stay in the past, you gain focus, and build your stamina and resilience to an unbreakable strength to enhance your business, as well as social and romantic aspects of life within 8 weeks or less.

What is it?

This Premium Course is different from any other ones on the subject for it masterminded the delicate web of emotional and intellectual interactions that may cause blockages, suspensions and misunderstandings within business involvements, in personal unions and family structure.

Every heartache, every disillusionment, every sadness and joy come from human interactions, within which the biggest playground is the family and romantic relationships. Therefore, we pay extra attention to the structure of couplehood.  

Coaching, Healing and Educating is an intimate relationship between the coach and the client. It is the most delicate affair where the essence is kept private, even a bit forbidden to discuss. Strongly related matters are subjected to censorship while the pink clouds, mixed with heavy rain bags duelling over the lives of many, make them sink into fashionable views, hide behind commonly used expressions to keep safe, and hope for the hurricane to weaken.

Apart from practitioners, this premium course is for everybody who desires a fulfilling living.

Our bitesize lectures are designed to trigger the mind and emotions, force you to dig deeper and find shakeable stones that hold the foundation of life in mind.

There is also a Facebook group to seek interactions. 

Participants have the opportunity to ask questions in the FaceBook group.

Why should I care?

People enter into the so-called spiritual and coaching world for different reasons. From fulfilment point of view, most of them are not valid. However, responsibility demands the understanding of the trade where a constant upgrade is needed to succeed in this competitive market. The readiness to tackle every question coming from clients places tremendous weight on the shoulders of such earthlings. Most of these clients live in some kind of a bond or family structure.

Parents are the first teachers of their children, and as such, they need to become conscious members of the unity, before passing on their experiences to the next generation. That is where the responsibility of an educator, healer and coach lies. By helping a person they affect a whole chain of people.   

Tell me more

It is an 8-weeks course with 5 modules, 15 trainings and 93 bite-size lectures. It also offers 15 bundles of written exercises. In addition

You will receive 8 live lectures with Q&A, 12 months access to the course, discussion forums and discounted membership in the WanderWisdom Club.

Should I buy?

At one point in their lives, every human being should enrol in this course, even if not in the field of coaching and have no desire to enter into it. So, why do you procrastinate? The longer you hesitate, the more unsolvable personal and professional issues will meet you on your way.

Understanding the mind-set of awareness affects every aspect of your existence, such as professional, social and physical state. Wherever you turn, courage and strength are calling, and understanding others is a must. Making decisions is also part of life that you’ll learn through the course, as well as facing and solving the insecurity and fears of others.


With the absolute certainty in mind that you possess the drive to succeed, we guarantee to give you lesson-packed, eye-opening content and guide you through your learning process. We hand you tools to help you find solutions to existing or future adventures coming your way within the relationship and life itself.

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