Zsa Zsa Tudos

Zsa Zsa Tudos


“Life is an extraordinary journey. It is full of challenges and unsolved tasks that are put in front of us on the constantly moving and changing road towards Nirvana, the place that today we refer to as Happiness.

My life hasn’t been different. Due to family upheavals, I have been in charge of my choices since the age of 14. I put myself through high ranking academic education and left my homeland for a strange country on a one-way road. When the old door firmly closed behind me, it opened up many new ones.  I travelled the world, lived in different countries on different continents, learned new languages, new behaviours, new traditions, new religions and went through new relationships. I struggled, enjoyed, laughed, cried, loved and hated on the roller-coaster that I managed to hang onto with the help of the rock-hard faith in myself.

I understand that life only gives us challenges we are able to handle, cleverly pushing us out of the comfort zone to taste the fresh air around. I also established that regardless the background, upbringing, religion, colour and education, under those layers we all have the same goal. The approach might be different but the aim is Happiness.

I learned about the interrelated micro- and macrocosm. I became a REIKI Master-Healer, an Orixa Shamanic Master, and a Phoenix Initiated Educator. Healing the mind and body became a natural addition to my capabilities.

Today, I have an established philosophy that searches for the interaction between earthlings and nature, also Earth and the universe. I have eleven books published and many faithful students. I am an Esoteric Knowledge Expert and help people to find their purpose. The joy of seeing them succeed gives me the strength to find new adventures and learn from new experiences.  

I worked in prominent healing centres in the U.K. and Hungary, and for well-established online psychic reading communities.

I am also hosting a TV show called Ex-Files on WinWinWomen.”

Zsa Zsa Tudos’s books:


5 Secrets of the Matrix – True Core of Self-Development

5 Secrets of the Matrix is an essential book in every household where self-development is important and the curiosity towards life and the universe lives in a healthy state. 


5 Secrets of the Matrix is the best life coach. As such, it takes you out of your comfort zone and makes you think. It also presents you with keywords on self-development, individual responsibilities and global consciousness. The metaphysical, therefore logical structure of the Great Matrix answers urging questions on life and living.

Bear in mind that the answers to your questions always come from outside. With thoughts from within the comfort zone, you only chase your tail and move in a circle without finding the path you are aiming for.

5 Secrets of the Matrix gives you the push to think, the push to develop and the push to take responsibility,  the push to use your brain.  

5 Secrets of the Matrix covers important subjects, such as:

  • Becoming an Earthling
  • Inclinations and inheritances
  • Making decisions
  • Interrelations of energies in human relationships
  • Effects of the planets in the solar system
  • Life forms on Earth
  • The 4 basic elements
  • The heavenly hierarchy
  • Physical and mental evolution – the purpose of life
  • Basic understanding of numbers
  • The DNA spiral 


Conscious Togetherness – A Love Affair



The title, indicates the most important, however, widely neglected Love Affair, the one that every individual has with Life. It is a metaphysical account of essential interrelations within this subject, without which, nothing is achieved and all effort spent in vain. 

When this relationship is abused and taken for granted, emotional and mental dysfunctions develop and send warning signals to the mind, asking for attention. Depression, suffering empathy, anxiety, fear, insecurity and even everyday stress is the result of the negligence surrounding the subject.  

The root of the matter goes deep into the ground that as the first step, has to be dug up and freed before the healing starts.

Conscious Togetherness – A Love Affair covers important subjects, such as:

  • Quality of living
  • Basic health
  • Meaning of joy
  • Peace
  • Mental and emotional intelligence
  • How to achieve spiritual greatness

Conscious Togetherness Foreword

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Dancing with the Desertwolf – Life my Eternal Love


Every now and then, life sends us back to the past in order to solve situations and emotions there; make the present more bearable and allow for planning the future. It is a necessity, for the present is based upon the past and the future is the continuation of the present. This exercise should be performed away from the place we call home. The place where we live, holds emotions and attachments for us, and makes it very difficult to put our life into order. I like certain places on Earth where I put myself through self-searching and future building.
This book is the account of such a journey. My aim is to give my readers more than the storyline. I hope that you will also find a key sentence that helps you through your present. Have a nice life!


Dancing with the Desertwolf – Life my eternal love covers important subjects such as:


  • The effects of upbringing
  • The importance of experience
  • Breaking the Code
  • Standing up for your beliefs
  • The journey of life  


The Five Minutes Men and the Girl who Fell in Love with Mint



Under the colourful Caribbean night sky, five women are getting attuned to the warm, clear breeze, the soft white sand, the swaying palm trees, the mysterious abyss of the never-ending sea, the heart-elevating Cuban salsa and the intoxicating mojito. Will it be enough to remedy the hardship of generations, the anxiety of relationships, false expectations and the danger of breaking away?



The Five Minutes Man and the Girl who Fell in Love with Mint covers issues such as:


  • Parental influences
  • Importance of upbringing
  • Conditioned female minds
  • Family structures


Emotion, the Machinery of Life – The Missing Factors of Happy Relationships


EMOTIONs are the machinery of Life.  There are 3 important sectors to keep in mind:

  • Emotions keep you alive
  • They push you towards searching, creating and looking for new aims
  • They conveniently put a mirror in front of you, allow to see yourself as you truly are without imagined flows and merits



EMOTION the machinery of Life – The Missing Factors of Happy Relationships talks about issues such as:


  • human relationships
  • The roots of the greatest joy and biggest heartache
  • Help understand your behaviour pattern and your codes
  • Pull you away from depression by providing understandings of surrounding events
  • Assist you in seeing the other person’s point of view
  • Vital information on dating, couplehood, family relations and human interactions


Life is Yours to Win – It All Happens in the Mind

Life is Yours to Win!This handbook is created to help the constantly rising mental and emotional challenges faced by earthlings. It entangles confusion, conquers depression and provides substantial aids in understanding life and happenings around.

It is very naïve to think that the mind could be healed by superficial aids such as medication or conventional psychoanalysis. It takes learning, understanding and will power, to get on the path of joyful living. It is time to realize that nothing valuable comes to you without work, for valuable thoughts, understandings and knowledge are hidden. It takes a committed, curious and life-loving earthling to dig for the treasure without being satisfied by the glittery surface.

I dedicate this book to all mankind who possess enough courage and a sense of responsibility to make life better, joyous and more powerful. And to those who have the strength to rise above depression and mental disorders.

This is your handbook to lean on when the burden is heavy. Read it thoroughly and frequently. Issues of concern are:

  • Your Life is your Responsibility
  • Everybody gives 100% of their abilities at every given moment
  • No Blame of Convenience
  • Conscious living
  • Metaphysical understanding of Life

Take care and get conscious!


Heavenly Nourishment – Conscious Eating in 7 steps

Heavenly Nourishment makes cooking for special occasions and company effortless. Using the food of the stars as ingredients always promises a successful cooking experience. This is one of the most complex cookery books on the market. The 180 unique recipes are created with all the wonderful ingredients offered by Earth, and other planets from the Solar System helped grow. Their influence lends special value to all organic energies, including mankind. They also shape our approach to food and eating. Food is the biggest conscious energy intake in the lives of earthlings.

Heavenly nourishment is the result of 8 years of research into one of my very logical theories that proved real. The main concept follows the fact that every organic energy, such as earthlings, vegetation and animals, live under the influence of a ruling planet. As the consequence, the likes attract rules, showing that earthlings would favour feeding on food with the same impact. The planetary influence develops specific eating habits also. Following the recipes will result in better digestion, less residue and an overall happier existence. There are 180 absolutely delightful recipes in this book. It is not a strictly vegetarian cookbook. However, substitutes are given for meat everywhere possible. You also find useful hints and advice related to cooking, eating, keeping fit and understanding your body. Please yourself with the full description of the New Age horoscope explaining the astrology in your life.

Heavenly Nourishment – Conscious Eating in 7 Steps deals with questions such as:

  • Planetary movements and influences
  • The Energy Structures of Food Ingredients
  • Eating habits according to Planetary Influences
  • The 22 Star Formations Zodiac
  • Amazing recipes


Intersextion – and They Work Together

Happiness the missing factor

After the Galactic Quantum Leap on the 28th of December 2012, Kabutoreos galaxy is getting ready to take Keta, the planet with human souls, into the Golden Era.

All the experience is needed in the setup of the two poles system, therefore Hades is called back to the Alpha – Omega Council to help reshuffle the duties and reorganize the strategies.

In the meantime, one of Hera’s souls, who is incarnated on Earth, helps the project. Zeta teaches the Knowledge and with her excellent students collaborates with the members of the Heavenly Parthenon, Hades included, and 12 Magi of the Universe. During working together they rekindle their fiery romance.

Zeta sends her student up to the fiery god for a learning session. Mabek leaps through star gateways, experiences multidimensional existence and meets his spirit guide, Linaha in the flesh.

Apart from having great fun, the book will provide answers to many questions surrounding life on Earth and its connection to the Universe.

Intersextion – and they work together provides answers to important issues such as:

  • As Above So Below
  • Spirit Guides
  • The Energy Structure of the Universe
  • The Influence of Ruling Energies
  • Multidimensional Living
  • The Immortality of the Soul
  • Living and Working as a Lightworker



Pandemic – The Story of Mankind


After countless exciting journeys, in and out of fascinating star gateways and galaxies, Hera and Hades are at it again. Only this time they stay closer to home due to the recent pandemic. However, the aim is the same: to understand Keta’s situation, and help survive the electro-magnetic shock the planet suffers. With the aid of the Alfa & Omega Council, the Magi and the Family, the assessment of the current situation is drawn, and a temporary communication channel is built to meet The Pleiadean delegation halfway in the Ether. This fundamental meeting is taken by Mabek, while the other 7 members of the AKIA Team visit underground civilisations around the planet’s sex chakra, the Nile delta, under the watchful eyes of Zeta, as they are getting ready for the most valuable and demanding work of their existence. On these thrilling journeys, Atlantis is recalled, Lemuria is found and the true history of earthlings started to unfold. This book is not only highly entertaining but also an eye and mind opener about humanity, the past, the present and the future.


Pandemic – the Story of Mankind talks about issues such as:

  • The Alpha – Omega Council
  • Lemuria
  • Pleaiadeans
  • The Soul’s Journey
  • The New World Order
  • The Origin of Humanity




The courses Zsa Zsa has been teaching throughout the years


It is the root, the central trunk of the interacting and interrelating mass of information uncovered by AKIA Philosophy. THE PHILOSOPHY THAT SETS YOU FREE was created by Zsa Zsa to clear the everyday understanding of man-made layers and misconceptions through the laws of physics and the interrelations of energies.

The has been the base for powerful branches, such as


The fundamental revelation of AKIA Philosophy provides an unprecedented edge to its healing method. It is the fact that earthlings are the amalgamation of the unconscious physical appearance on the top of the evolutionary cycle and the most sophisticated energy that is capable of multiplying by division, the soul. This fact overrides even the least conventional healing approaches.


Light represents knowledge. With the help of the soul, human beings remember the knowledge given to them by birth. It happens through the bridge between the conscious and the subconscious.


Through this initiation, earthlings come to understand their connections to the material.


Through this initiation, earthlings learn about emotions.


This initiation will take earthlings to a higher plane where the universe is touchable.


This initiation sets up the purpose of life and makes earthlings ready to embrace the light of the universe.


It solves the issues of the past, discovers the code and detaches them from the beings.


The ever-expanding universe follows the laws of physics. Fortunetelling is an art that requires sharp senses, understanding of the interrelations of energies and symbols.


Seeing clearly is the result of detachment from the self.


A tarot deck is the life story of a human being.


The third eye is all the five senses together.


Tantra is a philosophical understanding of events.


The greatest art of using nature’s energy.


A wonderful ritual and healing system.


Powerful healing and a high understanding of the spirit world.


The methodology used by Chinese healers.


Unveils the soul’s purpose, previous lives and knowledge.


Talking to the spirit world


The Royal Art of Khem

and a lot more.


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