Intuitive Intimacy Premium Course

Intuitive Intimacy Premium Course


Are you in a relationship, and wonder why intimacy fails to bring you the desired effect, feels exhausting to live up to expectations, and your individual goals don’t receive enough support? Brace yourself, you’re on the right path!  Your mission – if you choose to accept it – is finding the missing elements, you learn to implement into the relationship, gain conscious clarity and master essential tools that present you with the togetherness you aim for, and the courage to look into the mirror of your path, within 5 weeks or less. 


This Masterclass is different from any other one on the subject for it also offers the Mastermind of relationships. It looks at the core elements that can make or break not only a relationship but the individual lives of those concerned. The main objective is to reach the state of happiness within the unity, by finding and help achieve personal goals through which learning made possible, and family members grow into real life role models for each other.

The Relationship Factor is the most controversial, challenging, and most rewarding of them all. It is the essential sensor of your life achievements, a tool that either hinders or helps you find your path, without which, happiness is only a dream. By taking this course, you cover the self-assessment subject also.


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Module 1 Clearing the Past for a Brighter Future
Lecture 1 Intimacy 1Question
Lecture 2 Intimacy About My Story
Lecture 3 Intimacy About The Depth
Lecture 4 Intimacy Safety Blanket
Lecture 5 Intimacy Favourite Words
Lecture 6 Intimacy Religion
Lecture 7 Intimacy Insecurity
Lecture 8 Intimacy Glorifying the Past
Lecture 9 Intimacy Life as a Choice
Lecture 10 Intimacy The Base of a Human Relationship
Lecture 11 Intimacy Harmony and Balance
Lecture 12 Intimacy Interrelations of Energies
Lecture 13 Intimacy Forceful Ignorance
Lecture 14 Intimacy 2Question
Lecture 15 Intimacy Family
Lecture 16 Intimacy Roles Within
Lecture 17 Intimacy Parenting
Lecture 18 Intimacy Responsibilities
Lecture 19 Intimacy Origin
Lecture 20 Intimacy Family Values
Lecture 21 Intimacy Family Structure
Lecture 22 Intimacy 3Question
Lecture 23 Intimacy Guilt and Shame
Lecture 24 Intimacy Human Understanding
Lecture 25 Intimacy Nature of the Past
Lecture 26 Intimacy Main Points
Lecture 27 Intimacy Family Environment
Lecture 28 Intimacy Past Relationships
Lecture 29 Intimacy Being Honest
Module 2 General Misconceptions and Expectations
Lecture 1 Intimacy 4Questions
Lecture 2 Intimacy Getting Ready
Lecture 3 Intimacy Miracles
Lecture 4 Intimacy Destiny
Lecture 5 Intimacy Soulmates
Lecture 6 Intimacy Twinflames
Lecture 7 Intimacy Positive Thinking
Lecture 8 Intimacy 5Question
Lecture 9 Intimacy Picture of the Mind
Lecture 10 Intimacy Your Partner
Lecture 11 Intimacy Chemistry
Lecture 12 Intimacy 6Question
Lecture 13 Intimacy Common Understandings
Lecture 14 Intimacy Self Love
Lecture 15 Intimacy Emotions of Love
Module 3 Conscious Mind
Lecture 1 Intimacy 7Question
Lecture 2 Intimacy Overall View
Lecture 3 Intimacy 4 elements
Lecture 4 Intimacy The Future
Lecture 5 Intimacy Experiencing
Lecture 6 Intimacy Freedom of choice
Lecture 7 Intimacy The Message
Lecture 8 Intimacy 8Question
Lecture 9 Intimacy Confidence
Lecture 10 Intimacy Discovering the Self
Lecture 11 Intimacy Discovering Togetherness
Lecture 12 Intimacy 9Question
Lecture 13 Intimacy Emotions of Thoughts
Lecture 14 Intimacy Emotions the Machinery of Life
Lecture 15 Intimacy Emotions the Life
Lecture 16 Intimacy Emotions in Deeds
Lecture 17 Intimacy Being the Master
Module 4 Understanding Gender Differences and Sexuality
Lecture 1 Intimacy 10Question
Lecture 2 Intimacy Sexuality
Lecture 3 Intimacy Genders
Lecture 4 Intimacy 11Question
Lecture 5 Intimacy Interrelated Life
Lecture 6 Intimacy Sexual Energy
Lecture 7 Intimacy Pleasure We Seek
Lecture 8 Intimacy Taking in Energies
Lecture 9 Intimacy Kitchen Secrets
Lecture 10 Intimacy Bedroom Secrets
Lecture 11 Intimacy-Aphrodisiacs
Module 5 Surrender and Individuality
Lecture 1 Intimacy 12Questions
Lecture 2 Intimacy The Package
Lecture 3 Intimacy Experience
Lecture 4 Intimacy Expect
Lecture 5 Intimacy Explore
Lecture 6 Intimacy Excite
Lecture 7 Intimacy Exchange
Lecture 8 Intimacy Expand
Lecture 9 Intimacy 13Questions
Lecture 10 Intimacy Family Background
Lecture 11 Intimacy Taking Charge
Lecture 12 Intimacy 14Questions
Lecture 13 Intimacy The Code
Lecture 14 Intimacy Code Breaking
Lecture 15 Intimacy Fear and Decision
Lecture 16 Intimacy The Secret
Lecture 17 Intimacy Happiness
Lecture 18 Intimacy Your Partner is your Family
Lecture 19 Intimacy 15Questions
Lecture 20 Intimacy Summing Yourself Up
Lecture 21 Intimacy Stocktaking
Lecture 22 Intimacy Planning Next Move