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ex-files are the X-factors of the relationship scenery: the X being the unknown in the equation.

The word relationship is usually associated with the romantic kind; the couplehood that most earthlings are aiming for, and base the quality of existence on its outcome. However romantic togetherness is only 1 in the puzzle of interrelated emotions racing for attention.

As a result, most earthlings do not recognize the strong connections between alienated emotional connections. The truth is that there are no separate aspects of life, such as spirituality, finances, love life, personal life, family and so on. Certainly, we have only one life within which everything is interrelated. Hence whatever and wherever you learn something, could be readily used in every compartment. However learning is only good if you can put it into practice. Then it becomes Knowledge.


ex-files is created to aid people with any kind of emotional distress by unfolding the core and reshuffle understandings, expectations and misconceptions.

ex-files  is a teaching, coaching and healing platform I want to open in different languages to help more earthling on the international field

I am also hoping for many students and members who value themselves enough to start learning how to value The Self and Life with it.


 ex-files.org membership provides the following facilities to its members:


  • Unlimited cruising on the site.
  • Unlimited use of the blog where experts help in with guidance and where you can post your stories.
  • Free entrance to Sentimental Education – Emotion Surgery monthly.
  • A real life coaching as the result of teachings
  • Overall change of views, self-confidence, self-respect and open-mindedness
  • Online  live-interactive lessons in various categories, such as Live coaching, Career, Choices, Healing, Emotional disress, Relationship, Family and understanding the Self and the Universe.   
  • Furtertmore invitation to ex-files local Meet-ups where applicable

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Please understand, even though human relationships have many forms, the way you deal with them is pretty much the same. So these lessons are for everybody.
I would also warmly recommend my teachings to all, who take up any type of life coaching, even if the aim is hard cash and get rich fast. Above all, without understanding human relations and yourself, you would not get far in life.


lessons teach you to look at life from a widened comfort zone without fear and to find the state of mind we call happiness. We are multicultural and very capable of understanding specific questions and mishaps in multiracial relationships.

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ex-files Emotion surgeries

are platforms for discussions, questions and answers.

These interactive seminars work around themes created from the most urgent, most popular and most interesting questions sent to us.

For example:

  • Clearing the mind before actions
  • Likes attract – what does it mean?
  • Online child abuse – what to pay attention to as a parent and a child
  • Who is your crush really?
  • What is your happily ever after?
  • What is cheating and why people cheat?
  • Past versa present – future
  • What changes in a relationship with children?
  • Forming a family, is it the aim of life?
  • and so on…

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There is no question small enough to be tossed aside or forgotten. We are here to talk to and aid you.

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I wish you well.

Live in the present!



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