The Mind Machine


Mind Machine

An evolutionary way of understanding humanity, its purpose, available tools, and way of thinking.

The 4 Pillars are built on each other. The first is Earth Initiation where you learn about materials, physical health, ties and comfort zone.

The second will be the understanding of thoughts, emotions and deeds, connected to the physical realm, with Water initiation.

The third is a secured connection with the universe through the keywords put into the subconscious. It is the place where the comfort zone is stretched to new limits, allowing fresh air, and total comprehension of life.

The fourth pillar is the open gate to the ancient knowledge, power and strength through the Fire element.

In this Premium Course we eliminate the beliefs and misconceptions that are keeping humanity chained by establishing that

  • The Future cannot be built on the debris of the Past
  • A Construction cannot survive without Foundation and Work cannot start with the second floor.
  • The Evolution of a Man is the Development of Power and Possibilities which never develop by themselves.
  • Nature doesn’t require evolution from a man. It should be natural to do certain things.
  • The only Freedom of a man is the freedom of thought. That is why evolution is possible.
  • The evolution of a man is the evolution of their consciousness. That is why it cannot develop unconsciously. It is the evolution of their will and it cannot evolve involuntarily. 
  • The Evolution of a man is the evolution of their power of doing. Doing cannot be the result of things that happen as a course of nature. 
  • A man has no permanent and unchangeable. 
  • It is axiomatic that science is resting on false or shaky foundations.

This is a life-changing course. The 5 modules, 30 lessons, 5 bundles of written exercises will cause the old, wobbly sandcastle of understanding to be shaken in its core, providing you with the opportunity to demolish it, and build a solid foundation for the future. Your newly gained clarity will allow you to see the hidden importance of LIFE that transforms you into a conscious and valuable essence of the universe.

Without taking this journey you’ll remain a floating bystander in this Great Matrix, and constantly searching for a stable ground to put your feet on.

Live online lectures. Q&A. You gain 1 year access to the recordings.

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