Mother and Son

Mother and Son relationships?

While the girls are fulfilling the expectations of the mothers, the boys are fulfilling the dreams of the mothers. They are pushed towards professions appealing to the mother, those she would have liked for her husband. Choices that make her proud.

Mother and Son

create a special bond from the first minute. From day one the mother treats her son differently. She looks at him as if he was the prince on a white horse she could never have but now she has the opportunity to love and cherish. He is the male that belongs to her forever. The father  fades into the background. As the result the relationship is pushed to the edge and usually never recovers.

It is also interesting to observe that female divorcees with sons would usually end up alone due to the lack of interest while those with daughters do not give up the search easily.

The rockier the marriage, the stronger the bond. Hence the mother will prefer her relationship to the new male in the family rather than the existing one in the relationship. Consequently it is vital to start some professional family coaching prior to the arrival of a male that takes few months into the existence of a unit. Feeling and thoughts need to be clarified for the sake of every person involved.

Nevertheless the mother’s bond to the son mirrors her relationship to the self, to life, to her parents and also her sexuality. In one word it is the certificate on her existence as a human being.

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