Lightworkers Mindset – Groups

Mission statement

Are you taken by the awe of nature and wish to understand more about it? Perhaps work with it? Or become a trained lightworker? Don’t look further! Your mission – if you choose to accept it – is to learn the roles of the 4 elements, the power of nature, the differences between souls & entities, cycles of life, talking to trees, learning to release the message in a stone, learn to dowse, work with crystals, meet your spirit guides and discover your path as a lightworker within 8 weeks or less, so that you would be able to teach others, form groups to help the planet or educate children.

The course offers 7 modules with 25 training and 76 lectures.

I consider this course to be very important for every earthling. It offers extensive knowledge on life, and our connections to nature and the universe. 

It is also a very good base for starting a conscious spiritual journey. 

Starting on the 19th of June, the Premium Course will come to you in the shape of weekly lectures, free of charge.  Registered attendees will have the possibility to watch the recorded videos. 

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All the wonders!

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