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The WanderWisdom Club Expert in clearing mental and emotional blockages and helps realise your limitless potential.  If you’re 20–85 and want to boost your mental and emotional intelligence, stay physically sharp and dive deep into ancient wisdom about life, self, and the universe then it is time to make the best decision of your life. Our membership offers lectures, courses, group healing sessions, meditations, and real-time Q&A support. Take the first step toward self-discovery, conscious living, and a fulfilled life today.

Elevate your Emotional and Mental Intelligence

Imagine that you have it all
  • Learn emotional well-being strategies and mental health recovery
  • Discover the interrelations of energies
  • Learn about gut-brain connections
  • Self-healing workshops and group meditations
  • Build a healthy and emotionally sound romantic relationship
  • Discover your life path and learn about the soul
  • Find your place within nature and the universe
  • Discover the true, esoteric knowledge of the universe 
  • Learn to manifest and do rituals
  • Peep into the Occult and the world of the Tarot
Interrelations of Universal measures shown with the Sphynx and the 2. Pyramid

Gain Resilience for Conscious Living

Discover Emotional & Mental Empowerment for a Fulfilling Life

Embark on a curious journey towards Clarity aided by the helping hands of our experts.

Apart from regular guided self-healing techniques, you’ll be introduced to lectures on conscious healing to heal past emotional wounds, unlocking inner peace for mental balance, and the path of self-discovery.

Learn through meditation, self-healing, self-assessment and environmental issues, as well as your intuition sharpened, energy shifting, communicating with the universe and your personal guides.

The benefits are endless. This membership is like having a constant, conscious education at an extremely low budget, while you are guided, and there is always someone to pick you up if you fall. You enter into a community of like-minded people, and your personal questions are answered at the Q&A.

The greatness of this movement lies in the depth of the knowledge it offers. No more floating spirituality, unanswered questions, and fashionable misconceptions about life, earthlings and the universe.

All our teachings are based upon the only knowledge that looks at the universe as an ever-expanding matrix, AKIA Philosophy. 

As we carefully expand our comfort zone, we touch upon the power of nature, understanding magic and manifestation too. In addition, you will learn about physical health and healing.

The platform acts as an emotional, mental and spiritual safety net where you can always return and find answers to your questions.

The aim is to help earthlings on the verge of awakening who are getting familiar with the depth of the matter and take the path to consciousness with caution. Also for those who are looking for explanation as well as information, to help improve their emotional and mental intelligence.

WanderWisdom Club presents you with ancient knowledge, or as I call it The Knowledge.

Like everything in the universe, the learning curve in the membership is also in constant motion. It mirrors the demand of the emotional and mental strain society, political situations and everyday interrelations impose on us, earthlings.
However, there are certain events needed to strengthen the foundation of physical wellbeing.

Before descending to Earth, a soul goes through an evaluation of its abilities, and the aim is set and summed up in a contract as a constant reminder. Like with everything, it is good and bad. It is good for keeping the soul on track in a form of intuition or as a bouncer that is triggered every time the aim is lost. It is bad for the same reason, for without walking the side roads experience is limited.

The contract is one of life’s greatest mysteries and a bottomless well of mental and emotional disorders. It is one of the most decisive conditions in evaluating and achieving the highest level of contentment and the best possible living conditions in earthly existence. Without understanding them, individuals go astray or find their heads hitting thick brick walls, seeming to appear from nowhere, hindering their desires to reach certain destinations.


Meditative Cleansing Groupwork

Today, regular cleansing is not a luxury but a necessity. The air you breathe in is not only polluted but filled with artificial particles that stick to the windpipes and cause malfunction in the long term. 

The food you eat is modified by harmful pesticides, and your head is filled with demoralising thoughts to change your focus, decrease your individuality, and keep you in your ever-diminishing comfort zone. 

However, you, as a human being, have access to wonderful tools to help keep your health intact and your mind clear. 

In The WanderWisdom Club, we use the Dark Moon‘s energy to aid with getting rid of the residue you accumulate through events, emotions, thoughts and food. Ease the burden you carry in everyday living.

Meditations are astral travelling. In The WanderWisdom Club, we give clear meanings to meditations to serve you best.  

Meditative cleansing groupwork is a monthly practice. 


Healing with the Full Moon

There is a logical mechanism in healing that every earthling should understand. Self-healing is substantial for maintaining and slightly improving your health. 

In our group healing sessions, you learn the basic aspects of healing, focusing on certain issues, such as blood pressure and blood sugar.

However, since it all happens in the mind, thought cleansing also part of the routine.

We also visit different places in the universe to get help.

Meditative group healing is a monthly practice.

Rocks Sand Ex-Files

Trauma releasing groupwork

The greatest and most shocking trauma you go through today is the sudden awakening to the realities of life you have never seen, never even imagined, or just pretended not to know.  It is a fundamental shake that forces you to revalue your mere existence.

That is why, many people stay away from awakening. It changes everything. 

Nevertheless, you cannot avoid it. It is in the air, coming with the fast, high frequency energy from the universe. Therefore, you better embrace it and by joining the club, you will have helping hands to aid you through the trauma.

Messages from the Universe

In The WanderWisdom Club, we touch upon many fascinating aspects of The Knowledge. One of them is the Occult

Occult means hidden. You remember Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s Little Prince? Where the fox says: What is important is hidden? Yes, that is why Occult is hidden. Because it is important. It covers the knowledge every human being carries. Miracles only exist if you don’t know how they are performed. 

We are running workshops in the membership to cover the basics of different aspects of Occult. 

Apart from that we run monthly Messages from the Universe demonstrations where an earthling with mediumship skills channels in the help of a medium in the macrocosm and brings advice, and answers to questions to those interested. 


The eye of Horus

Apart from the Messages from the Universe, all live lectures and groupworks are recorded and kept in the designated Facebook group for convenient viewing.

  • There is a monthly Q&A session.
  • Life Premium Courses with great value will also be added to the material.
  • We also drop-feed interviews from our 300 videos archive. 
  • Meet like-minded people.
  • Build your community.
  • Occasional free downloadable eBooks.
  • Free entrance to the Summits and Events organised by Zsa Zsa.
  • Monthly live Q&A meetings.
  • Substantial savings on services offered on the site – such as Soul reading, Tarot reading, Healing, and Coaching.
  • Monthly group healing
  • Moon cycle celebration
  • Messages from the universe

Monthly membership subscription comes for

£39 GBP

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£390 GBP

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