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Attention! Writing Competition!! Here, we are not only dedicated to teach, help, interact and make them all available for an affordable price, we also want you to develop, open up, gain self-confidence and believe in yourself. The blog is a good place to try your writing skills but if you desire to take it a bit further, please enroll on the latest writing competition.

The theme of this writing competition is: 

The sentence that changed my life

We would like to receive short stories of fiction or non-fiction, up to 2500 words excluding title and page count. Please submit your work as an attachment with your unique ID received from paypal with your payment’s receipt and the title of your masterpiece.

The deadline is: 

17th of July 2019 Midnight GMT

The enrollment and paper handling fee is:


How to submit?

Submission should be anonymous with an ID tag in order to identify your creation when it comes up as winner. We only take electronic submissions through


Since the writing competition is only open for full members, please add your PayPal transaction IDs for the membership enrollment fee when you submit.


1st: 1 hour life coaching

2nd: 1 hour video life and relationship reading 

3rd: 1/2 hour video life and relationship reading  

All 3 would be in our Short stories book coming out in the Winter.   

Live draw: will be on our Facebook group: Happiness – Missing Factors. Date and time TBC..

Sending you fast energies to push you and to clear your mind we await your works.

The team

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