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Thank you very much for your interest in my work. 

My books are the published results of my long search for the unnoticed and unexplained. The true core of existence, that is only presented to us through experience. 

AKIA Philosophy® is the intellectual property of Zsa Zsa Tudos. It is the study of the unseen soul and cosmic knowledge. It is the philosophy that sets you free. It provides you with the ultimate freedom, the freedom of thought. By removing the man-made gap-fillers from everything earthlings touch, AKIA allows the energies to flow and connects jigsaw pieces until the true picture of the AS ABOVE SO BELOW emerges from the debris of the past. 

All my books mirror this understanding.  

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5 Secrets of the Matrix


This book is the best life coach. As such, it takes you out of the comfort zone and makes you think. It also presents you with keywords on self-development, individual responsibilities and global consciousness. The metaphysical, therefore logical structure of the Great Matrix answers urging questions on life and living.

Bear in mind that the answers to your questions always come from the outside. With thoughts from within the comfort zone, you only chase your tail and move in a circle without finding the path you are aiming for.

5 Secrets of the Matrix gives you the push to think, the push to develop and the push to take responsibility. The push to use your brain.  

5 Secrets of the Matrix chapters:


  • Becoming an Earthling
  • The meeting of the 2 triangles
  • The structure of the human energy field
  • Inclinations and inheritances
  • Thought forms – energies around the house
  • Making decisions
  • Interrelations of energies in human relationships


  • The 5 Sun Ages
  • The precession of the Equinox
  • The 22 starformation zodiac
  • Effects of the planets in the solar system
  • The shift of the poles
  • Life forms on Earth – Embracing the light
  • The 4 basic elements – Initiations


  • Atlantis, the cradle of humanity
  • The heavenly hierarchy
  • Crop circle and the fingerprints of the Gods
  • Pyramid forms in the universe
  • Physical and mental evolution – The purpose of life
  • Basic understanding of numbers and letters
  • The DNA spiral of life through the tarot deck


  • Love
  • Empathy
  • Belief
  • Goodness
  • Acceptance
  • Peace
  • Happiness


  • Meeting your guides
  • Basic cleansing and healing
  • Communicating with a tree
  • Becoming a flower
  • Full Moon exercise
  • Healing the planet
  • Vising the bath on Mars

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Life is Yours to Win


This handbook is created to help the constantly rising mental and emotional challenges faced by earthlings. It entangles confusion, conquers depression and provides substantial aid in understanding life and happenings around.

It is very naïve to think that the mind could be healed by superficial aids such as medication or conventional psychoanalysis. It takes learning, understanding and willpower, to get on the path of joyful living. It is time to realize that nothing valuable comes to you without work, for valuable thoughts, understandings and knowledge are hidden. It takes a committed, curious and life-loving earthling to dig for the treasure without being satisfied by the glittery surface.

I dedicate this book to all mankind who possess enough courage and a sense of responsibility to make life better, joyous and more powerful. And to those who have the strength to rise above depression and mental disorders.

This is your handbook to lean on when the burden is heavy. Read it thoroughly and frequently.

Chapters in this book:

  • The metaphysics of Time
  • The metaphysics of the Past
  • The metaphysics of the Senses
  • The metaphysics of the Family Structure
  • The metaphysics of Traditions
  • The metaphysics of Relationships
  • The metaphysics of Sexuality
  • The metaphysics of the Mind
  • The metaphysics of the Thoughts
  • The metaphysics of Understanding
  • The metaphysics of Emotion
  • The metaphysics of the Code
  • The metaphysics of Life

Take care and get conscious!

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Conscious Togetherness 


Conscious Togetherness, the title, indicates the most important, however, widely neglected Love Affair, the one that every individual has with Life. It is a metaphysical account of essential interrelations within this subject, without which, nothing is achieved and all effort spent in vain. 

When this relationship is abused and taken for granted, emotional and mental dysfunctions develop and send warning signals to the mind, asking for attention. Depression, suffering empathy, anxiety, fear, insecurity and even everyday stress is the result of the negligence surrounding the subject.  

The root of the matter goes deep into the ground that as the first step, has to be dug up and freed before the healing starts.

Conscious Togetherness – A Love Affair is a handbook for those who care about quality, health, joy, peace, mental and emotional intelligence, and are set to achieve spiritual greatness.

Chapter in this book:

  • The soul’s journey
  • The contracts
  • The spirit guides
  • The family
  • The code
  • Thoughts
  • Relationships
  • Emotions
  • Insecurity
  • Empathy
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Decision making
  • Conscious togetherness
  • Therapy
  • AKIA philosophy


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The 4th Way


Holistic metaphysical exercises & explanations of life, human nature & universe for beginners through the elements, healing & meditations. 1st book.

The 4th Way – Teaching the Gnostic Wisdom of AKIA philosophy is the 1st book of the Series.

AKIA is the metaphysical understanding of the universe, constantly searching for the holistic knowledge we all carry in our subconscious.

The book contains the first set of lessons with the transcripts of Zsa Zsa’s teachings, explanations, exercises and meditations.

Chapters in this book:

AKIA Apprentice:

  • Earth initiation
  • Release the Spring of Light within

AKIA Healer:

  • AKIA reiki 1 – 2
  • Water initiation 

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Dancing with the Desertwolf 


Every now and then, life sends us back to the past in order to solve situations and emotions there; make the present more bearable and allow for planning the future. It is a necessity, for the present is based upon the past and the future is the continuation of the present. This exercise should be performed away from the place we call home. The place where we live, holds emotions and attachments for us, and makes it very difficult to put our life into order. I like certain places on Earth where I put myself through self-searching and future building.
This book is the account of such a journey. My aim is to give my readers more than the storyline. I hope that you will also find a key sentence that helps you through your present. Have a nice life!

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Emotion the Machinery of Life



EMOTIONs are the machinery of Life.  There are 3 important sectors to keep in mind:

  • Emotions keep you alive
  • They push you towards searching, creating and looking for new aims
  • They conveniently put a mirror in front of you, allow to see yourself as you truly are without imagined flows and merits

EMOTION the machinery of Life focuses on human relationships, the roots of the greatest joy and biggest heartache.

  • Help understand your behaviour pattern and your codes
  • Pull you away from depression by providing understanding of surrounding events
  • Assist you in seeing the other person’s point of view.
  • Be happy!!!

EMOTION the machinery of Life provides vital information on dating, couplehood, family relations and human interactions.

Chapters in this book:

  • As above
  • So below
  • Where do emotions come from?
  • How can I understand more?
  • Exercises
  • Picture of the mind
  • Your contribution to a relationship
  • Common expressions
  • Love Positive thinking
  • Chemistry
  • Attraction
  • Layers
  • Events to confront
  • Depth of feeling
  • Happiness is a state of mind
  • Two individuals
  • Togetherness
  • Your partner is your family
  • Respect each other
  • Learn your partner
  • Relationship doesn’t save your life
  • Stocktaking

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The Five Minutes Man and the Girl Who Fell in Love with Mint


Under the colourful Caribbean night sky, five women are getting attuned to the warm, clear breeze, the soft white sand, the swaying palm trees, the mysterious abyss of the never ending sea, the heart elevating Cuban salsa and the intoxicating mojito. Will it be enough to remedy the hardship of generations, the anxiety of relationships, false expectations and the danger of breaking away?

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Heavenly Nourishment


Heavenly Nourishment makes cooking for special occasions and company effortless. Using the food of the stars as ingredients always promises a successful cooking experience. This is one of the most complex cookery books on the market. The 180 unique recipes are created with all the wonderful ingredients offered by Earth, and other planets from the Solar System helped grow. Their influence lends special value to all organic energies, including mankind. They also shape our approach to food and eating. Food is the biggest conscious energy intake in the lives of earthlings.

Heavenly nourishment is the result of 8 years of research into one of my very logical theories that proved real. The main concept follows the fact that every organic energy, such as earthlings, vegetation and animals, live under the influence of a ruling planet. As the consequence, the likes attract rules, showing that earthlings would favour feeding on food with the same impact. The planetary influence develops specific eating habits also. Following the recipes will result in better digestion, less residue and an overall happier existence. There are 180 absolutely delightful recipes in this book. It is not a strictly vegetarian cookbook. However, substitutes are given for meat everywhere possible. You also find useful hints and advice related to cooking, eating, keeping fit and understanding your body. Please yourself with the full description of the New Age horoscope explaining the astrology in your life.


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