The Secret

The Secret

is only what you do not understand. And if you do not understand it there is no point of talking about it. However for me it is natural that if you want something very much you would have a better chance of getting it.

The secret is brain focus

The more you want it the more thought forms you allocate in your brain to support your quest. Your utmost trust and belief is required as well as your 100% of your focus. There isn’t any room for plan B or C created by insecurity or fear. As the result focusing will provide you with a better chance, nevertheless without the main ingredient you will never get there. This important component is work. Without it your wishes will remain idle thoughts with no substance to fall back on.

On the other hand when you start working towards your goal the whole Universe joins in to help. Another important issue one needs to look at is possibility. If at the age of 45 you decide to become a prima ballerina with 100% focus, no B plan and no C plan to weaken the project and you actually go to ballet classes 4 hours a day, it would never give you the result you hope for.

Similarly if you want the latest Mercedes without having means to finance it, your dream will be a waste of time. However with many years of hard work you might be able to save up the money.

My saddest example is the many hungry children at certain places on the planet. Nobody would want a piece of bread more and unfortunately the wish is not enough to feed starving nations.

I have almost forgotten my very favourite laws of attraction project, the miracle box. When one puts the wish into this box and waits for the result without lifting a finger…How gullable people can be?

The secret is learning

It is not the kind of secret I want to talk about. My subject is the hidden essence of life. Now I am going to start somewhere hoping that I arrive to the conclusion needed for the understanding of my theory.

As I mentioned earlier, souls come down to Earth for experience and a healthy push with their evolution. Earth school is unique due to the physical body we need to wear here. This body is the tool we have to learn. It is interesting to observe new souls how much more difficult for them to learn the usage of the physical body. They start walking and talking at a far later stage than old souls did, for they do not have previous lives to remotely remember.

Everything that is connected to the body needs to be learnt from scratch. Walking, talking, eating, drinking, digesting, breathing, thinking, feeling and all sexual activities come as an experience to the newcomers.

The secret is in life

I need to get back to the idea that everything is interrelated and as the consequence everything follows the same structure. It is the pyramid, the 3 dimensional triangle that moves on a spiral created by the Flower of Life motion.


However it is not the Flower of Life itself. The formation of life cannot be but 4 dimensional, being always connected to the Universe simply because Earth and everything on it comes from there and goes back there. We are part of the whole and the whole is part of us.

This view is a necessity when we really want to think holistically. While the Flower of Life is an extraordinary 2 dimensional symbol of multiplication, the pyramids follow the order of the numerological, mathematical and geometrical requirements.

It is also important to understand that the constant argument of the 2 poles that exists in everything provides the motion in organic and non-organic energies equally. The faster the motion the livelier the energy is. It works similarly to a relationship. We aim for harmony and when we arrive there the relationship loses its bite and livelihood.

Due to the similarity in behaviour patterns it becomes a one pole state where there is no ingredients to provide the motion needed. By slowing yourself down you add to the motion changes of the Universe.

The secret is in us

Females are totally confused where identity is concerned. It is not only about individual characteristics but a misunderstanding of the gender itself. Either society admits it or not this gender have been reduced to a physical–body–making machinery that searches for the perfect male to procreate with. They think about it as the only solution to happiness and the fulfilment of life.

From a tender age females are set to fantasize about the ending of their own fairy tale that changes according to the availability and events. It is all right to have a bumpy start, it might even be healthier to put the lovers through certain trials however for females the test is the waiting they have to go through. It is an idle expectancy for the perfect male to knock on the door, get married to and live happily ever after, naturally with few offspring added to the happy nucleus. The time spent in this state is definitely wasted. The longer it becomes the sadder it would be in direct ratio with the storyline.

The secret is not to expect

While the expectations of the surrounding grow, the self-confidence of the female in question diminishes. She becomes the centre of unhappiness for the gender, where she is required to take responsibility for furthering the lives of females around. The mother, who doesn’t know what to do with herself now that her children grew up, she wants grandchildren to carry on with mothering and fulfilling the secret desire of inducing certain behaviour patterns into the lives of the grandchildren she failed with her daughter.

Sisters and friends are also putting the pressure on her; some for the excitement or event and others to see her in the same situation where they are.

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