Responsibility is yours

Responsibility is yours

It does not matter which way I look at the interrelation of energies in human relationships. The Self has to be built regardless, in order to understand that you are responsible for not only your deeds, words and thoughts but for those of every human being because you are also affected by their deeds, words and thoughts.

However it is very easy to get lost on the road to fulfillment. Nevertheless one thing is for sure: there is no easy way leading there, therefore spiritual development is a must. Unfortunately the fear of being different keeps a lot of people away from the search.

Besides the misconception concerning the meaning of spirituality and religion only add to the task load. I would like to clarify this particular aspect of your understanding.

A religion is a set of beliefs and practices often centred upon specific supernatural and moral claims about reality. Becoming part of a religious group only requires acceptance of the mentioned beliefs; while spirituality is an individual and sometimes lonely path to walk in order to become one with the Creator Force.

The way I see it, religion is private. As such it should not be an obstacle between two people who would want to commit to each other. Besides,  conscience is not made by a religion.

Responsibility shift

People who are shifting the responsibility of living and life’s duties towards the Divine would make the belief the number one question in couplehood. Those earthlings give up life on a big scale because they serve certain rules and regulations for the authority over their lives’ in return.

When I enquire about the essence of a particular religion from everyday followers great majority of them states LOVE as the most important message received. Think about it!

Responsibility in your beliefs

Christians state that people outside of their faith are not good enough; Jews do not value women similarly to Muslim authorities, Hindus burn their own flesh and blood, Buddhists kill, rape and enslave Muslims and so on. It makes me wonder. Where is the love they talk about? What kind of love is that?

How do you want to live with this attitude within your family unit?

Your responsibility stretches over your partner in a relationship!

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