Are you in a relationship, and wonder why intimacy fails to bring you the desired effect, feels exhausting to live up to expectations, and your individual goals don’t receive enough support? Brace yourself, you’re on the right path!  Your mission – if you choose to accept it – is finding the missing elements, you learn to implement into the relationship, gain conscious clarity and master essential tools that present you with the togetherness you aim for, and the courage to look into the mirror of your path, within 5 weeks or less. 


This Masterclass is different from any other one on the subject. It looks at the core elements that can make or break not only a relationship but the individual lives of those concerned. The main objective is to reach the state of happiness within the unity, by finding and help achieve personal goals through which learning made possible, and family members grow into real life role models for each other.

The Relationship Factor is the most controversial, challenging, and most rewarding of them all. It is the essential sensor of your life achievements, a tool that either hinders or helps you find your path, without which, happiness is only a dream. By taking this course, you cover the self-assessment subject also.


The INTUITIVE INTIMACY MASTERCLASS has 5 modules. Each of which contains various amount of training that are made from bite-size lectures.

New modules are released on Fridays after completion.

The 5 modules are:

  1. Clearing the past for a brighter future
  2. General misconceptions & expectations
  3. Conscious mind
  4. Understanding gender differences & sexuality
  5. Surrender & individuality

Module 1 – Clearing the past for a brighter future

Holding onto the past clouds the present and eliminates the future. After the initial introduction, we focus on comprehending past events, filtering traditions and upbringing values. We take you forward by facing and learning from experiences, to clarify the present to create a comfortable feel with the future.

  • Traditions & Belief systems

Lecture 1 – about the written exercise 

Lecture 2 – about my story

Lecture 3 – about depth of thoughts

Lecture 4 – about the safety blanket

Lecture 5 – about favourite words

Lecture 6 – about more on religion

Lecture 7 – about insecurity

Lecture 8 – about glorifying the past

Lecture 9 – about life as a choice

Lecture 10 – about the base of human relationships

Lecture 11 – about harmony and balance

Lecture 12 – about the interrelations of energies

Lecture 13 – about forceful ignorance

  • Upbringing & environmental issues

Lecture 1 – about the written exercise

Lecture 2 – about the family

Lecture 3 – about roles within

Lecture 4 – about parenting

Lecture 5 – about responsibilities

Lecture 6 – about the origin

Lecture 7 – about the family values

Lecture 8 – about the family structure

  • Experiences & Past relationships

Lecture 1 – about the written exercise

Lecture 2 – about guilt & shame

Lecture 3 – about human understandings

Lecture 4 – about the nature of the past

Lecture 5 – about the main points

Lecture 6 – about family environments

Lecture 7 – about past relationships

Lecture 8 – about being honest

Module 2 – General misconceptions & Expectations

There are many beliefs and fairy tales are around providing hope to the hardship of the until death do us part. Apart from the clarification, you learn clarity and gain the courage to look in the mouth of the lion and find joy rather than anxiety. 

  • Clearing your thoughts

Lecture 1 – about written exercises

Lecture 2 – about getting ready for a relationship

Lecture 3 – about miracles

Lecture 4 – about destiny

Lecture 5 – about soul mates

Lecture 6 – about twin flames

Lecture 7 – about positive thinking

  • Preconditions

Lecture 1 – about written exercises

Lecture 2 – about pictures of the mind

Lecture 3 – about your partner

Lecture 4 – about chemistry

  • Love

Lecture 1 – about written exercises

Lecture 2 – about common understandings

Lecture 3 – about self-love

Lecture 4 – about emotions of love

Module 3 – Conscious Mind

Total presence brings deeper relationships.

The aim is to take the relationship to the level where responsibilities come naturally and with joy. Learn about emotions, their control and give you the courage to chase your individual dreams.

You’ll be also given lectures on the spiritual aspects of living and thinking to enhance togetherness and understanding.

  • Life

Lecture 1 – about written exercises

Lecture 2 – about overall understanding

Lecture 3 – about being

Lecture 4 – about the 4 elements

Lecture 5 – about the future

Lecture 6 – about experiencing

Lecture 7 – about the freedom of choice

Lecture 8 – about the story

  • Keeping a conscious mind

Lecture 1 – about written exercises

Lecture 2 – about confidence

Lecture 3 – about discovering the self

Lecture 4 – about discovering togetherness

  • Emotions

Lecture 1 – about written exercises

Lecture 2 – about emotions as the motion of thoughts

Lecture 3 – about emotion the machinery of life

Lecture 4 – about emotion is life itself

Lecture 5 – about emotions in deeds

Lecture 6 – about being the master

Module 4 – Understanding gender differences & Sexuality

Males and females, by nature, have different ways of understanding.

Learning and embracing the differences will strengthen the base for successful communication.

A solid base for understanding will be laid to serve as a tool for addressing existing and new challenges. Learn kitchen and bedroom secrets to enhance the quality of togetherness.

  • Understanding sexual behaviour

Lecture 1 – about written exercises

Lecture 2 – about sexuality

Lecture 3 – about genders in sexuality

  • Practices to enhance and regain sexual attraction

Lecture 1 – about written exercises

Lecture 2 – about the interrelated life

Lecture 3 – about sexual energy

Lecture 4 – about the pleasure we seek

Lecture 5 – about kitchen, bedroom & bathroom secrets

Lecture 6 – about aphrodisiacs

Module 5 – Surrender and individuality

A successful couplehood demands total surrender to unity, without crashing individual dreams and hopes of the persons concerned. Learn to validate your progress through self-assessment.

Embrace the new powerful you within the relationship by blending in and lifting the unity to the next level.

  • Facing Physical & Emotional changes

Lecture 1 – about written exercises

Lecture 2 – about the package

Lecture 3 – about experience

Lecture 4 – about expect

Lecture 5 – about explore

Lecture 6 – about excite

Lecture 7 – about exchange

Lecture 8 – about expand

  • Facing responsibilities

Lecture 1 – about written exercises

Lecture 2 – about the family structure

Lecture 3 – about taking charge

  • Transform your role – making decisions

Lecture 1 – about written exercises

Lecture 2 – about rekindling the relationship

Lecture 3 – about the code

Lecture 4 – about code breaking

Lecture 5 – about fear & decision

Lecture 6 – about the secret

Lecture 7 – about happiness

  • Stocktaking

Lecture 1 – about written exercises

Lecture 2 – about summing yourself up

Lecture 3 – about stocktaking

Lecture 4 – about planning your next move


Every training session is equipped with written exercises for the mind. Writing is a conscious deed that stirs routines, makes you think and force you to look at the world from a different perspective.

It is up to your conscience if you complete them or not. However, I strongly advise you to do so. Completed exercises should be submitted to submit@ex-files.org.

You may submit your questions on the material or personal experiences related to it, to the members’ Facebook group, or to the weekly live Q&A coaching session.


  1. The One and Only, Twinflames, Soul Mates – Zsa Zsa Tudos   ( value $297 )
  1. Depression & Loneliness within a relationship – Zsa Zsa Tudos (value $397)
  2. Regain the trust – Zsa Zsa Tudos (value $397)
  3. What is life-coaching and how does it help? – Ilona Brunyanszki (value $397USD)
  4. What is a Tarot card reading and how does it help? – Carl Preisler (value $297USD)

And more.

The ex-files.org team is happy to welcome you as a new member and offer you the support you need, discounted services and other specially priced masterclasses.


With the absolute certainty in mind that you possess the drive to succeed, we guarantee to give you lesson-packed, eye-opening content and guide you through your learning process. We hand you tools to help you find solutions to existing or future adventures coming your way within the relationship and life itself.


Life is an extraordinary journey. It is full of challenges and unsolved tasks that are put in front of us on the constantly moving and changing road towards Nirvana, the place that today we refer to as Happiness.

My life hasn’t been different. Due to family upheavals, I have been in charge of my choices since the age of 14. I put myself through high ranking academic education and left my homeland for a strange country on a one-way road. When the old door firmly closed behind me, it opened up many new ones.  I travelled the world, lived in different countries on different continents, learned new languages, new behaviours, new traditions, new religions and went through new relationships. I struggled, enjoyed, laughed, cried, loved and hated on the roller-coaster that I managed to hang onto with the help of the rock-hard faith in myself.

I understand that life only gives us challenges we are able to handle, cleverly pushing us out of the comfort zone to taste the fresh air and new experiences around. I established that regardless of the background, upbringing, religion, colour and education, under those layers we all are very similar and have the same goal. The approach might be different but the aim is Happiness.

On my journey, I learned about the interrelated micro- and macrocosm. I became a REIKI Master-Healer, an Initiated Witch, an Orixa Shamanic Master, and a Phoenix Initiated Educator. With all these lessons, healing the mind and body became a natural addition to my capabilities.

Today, I have an established philosophy – I call AKIA – that searches for the interaction between earthlings and nature, also Earth and the universe. I have eleven books published and many faithful students. I am an Intimacy & Family coach and help people to find their purpose. The joy of seeing them succeed gives me the strength to find new adventures and learn from new experiences.

I believe that learning is the only way to understand life and us within, and this unique knowledge makes us or breaks us at the end. It is naïve to assume that all that we do here comes instinctively. Yes to the what to do however, the how to do needs deeper comprehension, courage and confidence. I also understand that being in a relationship is rather a tool than a necessity towards finding the yellow brick road that leads to fulfilment and ultimately to Happiness. Hang on there! You can do it!


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