Soul Reading

Are you curious about the future? Want to plan it consciously by being ready for obstacles, and avoiding empty sideroads? Want to have forwarding events highlighted so that you can fully rely upon the help coming from the universe and your surrounding? 

A human being is a fusion of the physical body’s genetic inheritance and an immortal soul, travelling through dimensions to fulfil its task that furthers the evolutionary process and helps reach the state of multiplication. 

This unique combination presents a mysterious palette of hidden treasures for every earthing. As important things are hidden, hidden things are important. They are tucked away from the ignorant eyes, waiting for the earthling to develop curiosity towards the unknown and seek help with the discovery.

Zsa zsa Tudos with ex-files.orgZsa Zsa Tudos is a renowned psychic, with the capabilities to see far beyond. The boundaries of her comfort zone stretch with the multidimensional universe and she is an expert on the interrelations within.

In this particular reading, Zsa Zsa unveils the origin of the soul, the soul number, the soul family, and the particular knowledge and capabilities directly inherited from it. 

She will talk about contracts signed prior to becoming an earthing and the task that comes with them.

Without understanding your soul heritage, the picture about the self will never be complete, and you’ll only be floating rather than living your precious time on this planet.  

There will be a yearly forecast of hindering and forwarding events added.

Due to the vast demand and the timezone created obstacles, we offer email Soul Readings. It contains a minimum of 3,000 characters and is delivered within 72 hours. The digital reading is available at a discounted price of

$197 USD

PLEASE PAY HERE and fill in the form presented to you. 


All the wonders!

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