Soul Reading & Future planning

Soul Reading & Future Planning is important for stocktaking and decision making, for living in a situation doesn’t allow us to see clearly. With the help of an expert, events will be uncovered, actions understood and emotions cleared. Soul Reading looks at given habits, attitudes and thought form might block your path and hinder your life. Making them conscious helps understand them and alter them. Soul Reading only provides services for members and visitors to our sites. Readers are knowledgeable life coaches, with the capability of not only seeing the soul in the present, but far beyond, and able to give sound advice on your future.

Experts on the site use various psychic tools, such as tarot, channeling, aura reading and so on.

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Soul Reading & Future Planning

  • Analyses the present, gives you the hindering and forwarding aspects with advance to clear or maintain.

This option will give you 1000 characters of summary for $50. 00

  • The second would focus on a particular question in depth. 

This option will give you 2000 characters for reading for $70.00

  • If you want to know about your whole life you would choose this option.

In-depth with 4000 characters for $99.00


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