Meaningful Lessons

Meaningful Lessons

Meaningful Lessons are free educational presentations exclusively for members.

Understanding through learning is the only valid path towards a happy existence. It allows you to become a creative member of society, a part of a visionary workforce, a social wizard and a relationship magician. 

Knowledge is power. And earthlings are desperately in need of it. They have to allow it to become part of their lives. 

Today, loud and ignorant media shapes earthly existence. It creates the rules, according to which earthlings are born, live, eat, drink, work, procreate and eventually die. They help self-appointed leaders to further this approach and with money, being the Big Almighty, crush those who initiate some kind of changes. All of it is only possible for the great majority of the population doesn’t understand the reality and the consequences of the situation.

Meaningful Lessons

helps you with the fight, for giving into conditions put on you without consent shows a lack of information on your part. There is no weapon to use. 

Meaningful Lessons

will raise your emotional and mental intelligence by widening your horizon, questioning your viewpoint and dares to touch upon awkward subjects. As a member, you are welcome to voice your concern, debate approaches and theories. 

The main objective of earthly living is learning life, the interrelations between events, and reach the state of happiness. 

Meaningful Lessons do just that! 

Here, in, we are looking forward to conversing with you.

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