Our site is all about you. We are all about you! Consequently the site focuses on your most desired state, above all, HAPPINESS. 

Through our teachings you are reminded of the hidden knowledge in your subconscious. Most noteworthy, the wider your horizon is, the easier will be the remembering. We are therefore here to widen your horizon by giving you plenty of information concerning human existence, behaviour pattern, self-discovery, path finding, self assessment and also planning. 

However please, do not despair if new ideas are landing on your table! You’d better think  about them and you can also ask questions on the free Surgery web-gatherings when we are happy to accommodate your questions. 

As the result, the strength of our teaching is AKIA philosophy. It states that everything is in constant motion and live in interrelation. Consequently it is axiomatic that we do not talk about miracles, myths, religious brainwashing and vague ideas, for we exist within the Matrix of the universe. 

Although teachings on ex-files.org are interwoven, we put them into certain categories to aid your searches.

  • Relationship and Family: Lessons about relationship, partnership, family and also parenting
  • Self-development: Finding out who you really are, your codes, aims, dreams, fears and abilities

Lessons come in a form of audios or videos, accompanied with a PDF files for better understanding. As we promised we come out with a lesson/month.

Each lesson costs £27.00 for visitors and with the 20% discount £22.00 for members. Members are required to put their membership ID into the payment message for clarification. Use the secure paypal payment facilities under the lesson you wish to purchase.  

You will find the list of  lessons down below:

Lesson 1

Get ready for a relationship

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Lesson 2

Clarification of popular beliefs and the myth around relationships

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Lesson 3

Expectations, fantasies and fairytales

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Lesson 4

Discovering the Self and learn your partner

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The required lesson will be delivered to your mailbox with 24 hours of purchase. 

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