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Intuitive Intimacy Premium Course

Like everything else in life, the algorithm of a romantic relationship needs to be consciously learned, before permanent damage sets in and destroys the unity.  

Mission statement

Do you want to make your relationship a fountain of strength, joy and love? Your mission – should you choose to accept it – is to get to the deep core of the elements in intimacy, discover the Mastermind, implement it into your relationship and subsequently Life. Gain conscious clarity and master essential tools that present you with the togetherness you aim for, and the courage to look into the mirror of your path, within 8 weeks or less. 

What is it?

This Premium Course is different from any other ones on the subject for it also offers the Mastermind of relationships. It combines the essence of 5 separate courses,

Clearing the past ($997USD in value) 

Self-discovery ($997USD in value)

Finding your path ($997USD in value)

Understanding couplehood ($1997USD in value)

Enhance your intimacy ($697USD in value)

for everything is interrelated. None of these missions can be fulfilled without the others and lead you to the greatest of them all, HAPPINESS.

The Premium Course comes with a lifetime membership, providing you with ample support on your journey, at the end of which you meet your elevated, strong, courageous and joyful future self, who looks at life as a constant challenge of unfinished tasks to learn from.

Why should I care?

People enter into relationships for different reasons. From the Happiness point of view, most of them are not valid. However, the responsibility of succeeding places tremendous weight on the shoulders of earthlings. Not only for the self but the ancestors just as much as for offspring. Parents are the first teachers of their children, and as such, they need to become conscious members of the unity, before passing on their experiences to the next generation.  

It requires great courage and strength to move the bed and enter the path of an unknown. In the Intuitive Intimacy course, you are provided with this conscious strength and courage.

Tell me more!

It is an 8-week course with 5 modules, with 93 bite-size lectures. It also offers 15 bundles of written exercises and a fortnightly Q&A broadcast.

In addition to the material, we offer useful bonuses.


Should I buy?

At one point in their lives, every human being should enrol in this course, even if not in a relationship and have no desire to enter into one. So, why do you procrastinate? The longer you hesitate, the more unsolvable personal issues will meet you on your way.

Having a good intimate relationship affects every aspect of existence, such as your professional, social and also your physical state. Wherever you turn, courage and strength are calling, and understanding others is a must. Making decisions is also part of life, you’ll also learn through the course, as well as facing and solving your insecurity and fears.

Satisfaction Guarantee

With the absolute certainty in mind that you possess the drive to succeed, we guarantee to give you lesson-packed, eye-opening content and guide you through your learning process. We hand you tools to help you find solutions to existing or future adventures coming your way within the relationship.



Original price $3,997USD

Limited 50% saving offer

$1,997 USD

Sensible Dating Premium Course

Mission statement

Do you feel vulnerable to unfulfilling dates and having difficulties with moving the ever-growing wall between you and the One and Only? Relax! It is not what you are going, wearing, saying! It is the way you are thinking. Your mission – if you choose to accept it – is to learn the essential how-to in handling insecurity and emotions, gain an understanding of common behaviours and implement the tools provided into your communications to create or strengthen bonds in five weeks or less.



Original price: $1,997USD

Limited 50% saving offer for

$997 USD

Regain your Trust in a Relationship

Mission statement

Are you a suspicious person consumed by the distrust that disturbs the sanctity of your relationships and romantic couplehood?

Your mission – should you choose to accept it – is to learn the mechanism of doubts, implement the acquired tools into your life and make the necessary changes towards perfect enjoyments and trust within 3 weeks or less.



Original price is $997USD

Limited time 50% saving offer

$497 USD

Self Healing 4 Elements Meditation Premium Course

Mission statement

Your mission – should you choose to accept it – is to learn the power of nature, the mechanism of healing and implement these tools into your everyday existence. Release the blockages formed by thoughts, food and illnesses and help heal organs suffering from dis-ease or became vulnerable by the pressure placed on them and regain the healing power, the privilege of every human being.

Use the 4 elements coded meditations, specially created to fit this specific purpose within 4 weeks or less.





Original price is $997USD

Limited 50% saving offer for


$497 USD

Intersextion Intimacy & Family Coaching – 1-year Pass

Entitles the holder to limitless 15 minutes coaching for a year.






Limitless Prospects Life coaching – 1-year Pass

Entitles the holder to limitless 15 minutes coaching for a year.






Love, Life & Future Reading – 1-year Pass

Entitles the holder to 1/week 1,000 characters reading for a year.






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