Is Happiness for you?

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Is Happiness for you?

Yes, happiness is for you!

To become a member on is the best step you can take!

We help you overcome hindrances, fears and emotional resiliences surrounding your romantic and any other type of relationship.

It is a mistake to think that you should handle each of your human interactions differently. Think about it! You put them into boxes and treat them accordingly. You usually deal with your closest relation, such as family, close friends and married partner with the least care hoping for forgiveness and thinking that you are entitled to show your feelings and emotions.

Romantic relationships are the most important to earthlings. There is a big confusion about dating and charm. Do you want to become professional in this field?

Is Happiness for you??


Learn more about Relationships!

Lesson 1


when you sign up for life time membership. The membership on the site would cost you a one off sum of £47.50

The lesson is the beginning of many aluable audio and video teachings about the Self and essential dating strategies. We plan to come out with a new bundle of lessons each month to help and educate members about human interactions.

  • How to deal with anxiety
  • Know your worth and improve your self image
  • Learn people skills and interaction
  • Open your comfort zone
  • Learn about emotional intelligence
  • Live life to the fullest

On you have

  1. BLOG where you can interact with like minded people, tell your story on our online journal and get help in understanding events around you.
  2.  LESSONS – personal development and self improvement are key in our energetic life so we can deeper understand the interrelations behind actions.
  3. COACHING to guide you out of emotional pitfalls and anxiety, help with your career, put you on the road on self development, unfold the personal cause of your depression, deal with stress management, offer opportunity for couples therapy and give guidance in all types of personal issues.
  4. SENTIMENTAL EDUCATION – there are monthly emotion surgery meetings for members, where we discuss your questions, solve your issues, analyse your personal situations, build your confidence and self esteem and help setting your goals. This service is totally free for members. 
  5. We also offer you  SOUL READING about your life situation, analyse the past, present and the future. This is a powerful psychic tool that helps you understand your purpose, guide your wishes and validate your life experiences. You will have guidance of what to do today, how to avoid pitfalls and how to be happy in life.
  6. The icing on the heavily decorated and rich cake is the WRITING COMPETITION. Winners have the chance of seeing their work in published form. Customers are also able to purchase Zsa Zsa Tudos’ books that are available on AMAZON.


So Is Happiness for you????



  • Easy secure payment via PayPal where all credit and debit card are accepted.
  • Lear more about Relationships – lesson 1 – included upon joining
  • Monthly interactive Sentimental Education sessions where all questions, ideas, issues will be adressed
  • Ongoing blog to discuss personal issues, exchange thoughts and meet others
  • Continuous learning about life, putting emphasis on relationship and life-coaching issues
  • Regular articles to aid you with your important questions
  • Continuous help is around almost anytime
  • Multicultural and multiracial relationships are helped


  • You lose the opportunity to develop yourself!





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Hugs from Zsa Zsa and The Team!

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