Module 1 introduction to healing
Lecture 1 Written exercises1
Lecture 2 The meaning of healing
Lecture 3 The structure of healing
Lecture 4 The structure of the universe
Lecture 5 The energy centres
Lecture 6 The warning
Module 2 The functions of the energy centres
Lecture 1 Written exercises2
Lecture 2 The Base chakra
Lecture 3 The Sex chakra
Lecture 4 The Solar Plexus
Lecture 5 The Heart chakra
Lecture 6 The Throat chakra
Lecture 7 The Forehead chakra
Lecture 8 The Crown chakra
Module 3 Healing with the meditations
Lecture 1 Written exercises3
Lecture 2 The effects of the elements
Lecture 3 Earth element meditation
Lecture 4 Water element meditation
Lecture 5 Air element meditation
Lecture 6 Fire element meditation


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