Emotions are the machinery of life. Without them an earthling stops living and deteriorates into the abyss of passing. However, passing is not as easy as we might think. It takes many years of subdued refusal to go with the flow, to interrelate and to be part of this magnificent learning procedure we call life.

As everything, emotions also come from the mind. It is very naïve to think that we catch them from open air or even better, we are chosen by them; and if we are not careful enough, they torment us for years to come.

I am only saying it because during my family and relationship counselling people are talking about ‘I cannot help it’.  You know, when we say ‘Oh yes, I am in love with him. I cannot help it. He is nasty to me, he beats me up, but love is blind‘. Not at all! Love is not blind but we are!

We have certain preconception about everything, related behaviour patterns, all kinds of do-s and do not-s; some of which we learn watching our parents and the grown-ups around. Furthermore a big portion of the fixed ideas would come from the media such as films, music and magazines and what we might refer to as education. Even more, there is also religion to concern and should not forget the inclination of the soul according to the knowledge it has access to.

With this foundation life starts and interrelations begin. Everything we do, think or say is energy; as they interrelate, they generate emotions.

As we grow and go through experiences in life the emotions generated by interactions will change. For that reason a type of joke you found hilarious last year might not bring smile on your face this year. Of course you went through events and interactions of your own and they somewhat changed your ideas of issues.

The emotional state of an earthling changes by experience and knowledge. Most noteworthy when I say knowledge, I mean the Haya Sophia, the Magnum Opus, the knowledge of the Universe. Naturally it is a choice to pursue the Knowledge or struggle through life.

Emotions are the mirrors of the way one looks at the world. Now you might say that there are people who successfully conceal emotions. We describe nations with the words cool as a cucumber and there seem to be an etiquette code according to which we prejudge people.

Think about it! We do not trust one who smiles a lot or laugh, thinking that he is not trustworthy and serious.

Can you imagine? Whatever we do it comes from our emotions; or emotions come from whatever we do. It is your choice what emotion you live by.

Live in the present!


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