Emotion the machinery of Life

Emotion the machinery of Life

The Universe is an ever-expanding and constantly moving energy mass. This motion is provided by the interactions of individual units. On a big scale, there are galaxies formed around a strong magnetic centre.

The strength of the galaxy depends on the volume of the pulling and pushing power. Since similar energies like each other, Solar Systems within need to agree with the Core. Translating it to energy, they have to resonate on the same or fairly similar level, or push the Core towards their own liking. The higher the resonance the better the quality and faster the energy. However, it is axiomatic that after reaching a certain height, the only direction is to go down.

There are two choices to go to. Narrow-minded energies go forward without noticing the warning signs, give up their individuality and amalgamate with the centre. This centripetal motion stops the pushing and pulling power and the galaxy disappears as a functioning unit.

The other road is expanding. This is the spreading the knowledge road. High resonance can only be achieved by experience that adds to the knowledge of the unit. The phenomena force the planets of the galaxy to leave the base and look for experiences elsewhere. This centrifugal motion releases the unit and allows it to find a new place.

Obviously a planet cannot and do not wander around; it is not possible due to the fact that some kind of attraction has to hold it in place. Therefore the easiest choice is the neighbouring galaxy. The same law is true for those with low frequency, slow energy. Whatever happens, a galaxy needs constant pushing and pulling power to survive. Otherwise, it falls into the abyss.

Emotion the machinery of Life keeps the elixir flowing

There were clever people before me, such as Hermes Trismegistos, to state: as above so below. If you think of it, I have just described human relationships and the individuals in it. It is even truer for romantic involvements.

The biggest pitfall of earthlings is that they cannot see. They are reluctant to enter into the process of evolving. They like to follow routines and stay within the comfort zone. Nevertheless, they do not want to be alone for it is a given that should not. Therefore they take someone into their microcosm with a desire to continue living on the same note. Otherwise, they put the heavy responsibility for a better life on the shoulders of the newcomer.

Either way, the pushing – pulling motion is not their favourite philosophy for living. However without it, the relationship disappears, and the individuals concerned would give up their lives to circle around the consciously or subconsciously chosen centre. In the minds of earthlings, this phenomenon exists as a picture for the most perfect couplehood.

In this picture two lonely, abandoned and incomplete halves find each other and make up the perfect one. The first question that comes to mind would be: why do we call it couplehood if there is only one in it? Or relationship, as a matter of fact. In a healthy togetherness, there are two complete individuals who put their power together and support each other on the road of achieving the dreams they set out to reach.

Naturally, a relationship would put responsibilities on the shoulders of both persons equally to maintain the evolution of the couplehood also. The relationship and individuality need to co-exist. I cannot really say in peace, for peace is quiet and emotionless, hence the vital motion for proceeding would be lacking. People have a different approach to convincing and it often falls into a fierce argument.

On this note, an understanding is required. An argument is an exchange of thoughts. If you want to convince your partner of the legitimacy of your idea, be ready to see the other side of the road also. The key is respect. There is always a leader in a togetherness, it has to be. However, the leadership shifts from time to time or events to events.

Emotion, the machinery of Life provides you with lessons

When I say energy I talk about interacting physical substances. They have frequency, speed, colour, smell, substance, taste and sound. These qualities make up the value of certain energy. If you think about it, these characteristics are all valid for human beings also. 

I put energies into two main categories: organic and non-organic. The best way to differentiate is to understand that organic energies are capable of physical changes, such as growing, reproduction and recuperating from inflicted wounds. All non-organic energies were organic at some point for everything comes from organic materials of the planet.

However, earthlings are destroyers. Organic energies of natural substances were manipulated into synthetic material in order to withstand time and weather conditions. Nevertheless, motion, provided by the pulling-pushing powers is in everything. In non-organic energies, the movement is much slower, just enough to keep the mass together.

Emotion, the machinery of Life takes you on the path towards Happiness

Where do emotions come from?

The life-giving and saving motion of energies derive from the interrelations of emotions.

Emotions are the machinery of life. Without them, organic energies would not survive.

I remember one day sitting in a garden restaurant in Budapest, sipping wheat beer with my students and their colleagues from work, when one started to talk about his relationship, putting emphasis on his abrupt behaviour towards the girlfriend. I knew he was fishing for some professional advice that I am always very happy to give when having fun. I asked him what the trigger of his conduct was. He said he did not know. It just came from nowhere.

When I asked him to classify where nowhere was, he motioned to the air around us. I looked at him perplexed. He was an engineer who worked with numbers and facts, even though he was comfortable saying that. Then I told him that nowhere is somewhere, otherwise, it wouldn’t exist. And if it doesn’t exist, nothing can come from there. Not even emotions. Now, I became the centre of confused glances. But after a short silence, they all started to smile and reassured me that I was right.

If you think about it, we are very comfortable with a certain explanation. We take them on board without giving them a thought. However, everything is logical in life and happens for a reason. Nothing comes from nowhere! Nowhere doesn’t exist.

Emotion, the machinery of Life

is the motion of thoughts and thoughts are the mirrors of understanding. It is not very strange really for who you are and what you do, reflect your mental grab of what you know. Knowing is very tricky. We use the word the same way we live; without thinking about its meaning. Knowing means that you understand something fully, within the interrelations of events. Knowing is experiencing and learning from it. The danger of using this word lies in believing to be accurate.

I would not say true as that is another word for the mirror. There is no such thing on Earth we can call truth. Or yes but then we need to take it on board with a pinch of salt. Everybody’s truth about the same event is different.

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