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What is destiny? Well, it is very easy to clarify the meaning of destiny. It is to be at the right place at the right time. However there is a misunderstanding about destiny. Earthlings usually think that it is written somewhere and against all odds it has to happen.

Due to the interrelations of energies and the fact that similar energies like each other – this is the meaning of the law of attraction – there are events would be more likely to happen than others. However the likelihood depends on the individuals concerned. In one’s life there are always choices to make. The more choices you allow yourself, the bigger are the chances that you meet someone. Following a routine diminishes your attention to details and you would aim for the destination rather than enjoy the ride. From time to time you need to follow your intuitions. I do not say always because one has to learn about intuitions, and how to distinguish thoughts of the mind and choices given from the universe. You also need flexibility in your aims.

As an example: you decide to study, because everybody is pushing you and due to the nature of the family business your choice would fall on chemistry. However on the road you realize that you really dislike it or you do not have the discipline the study would require. So you have to make some adjustment to your aim of studying. The greater aim is still there but the road would be different because you changed your approach and instead of equations of chemical substances you will be looking at fabrics and you aim towards to become a fashion designer. It makes you happy and you become a hot name on the market. Or at least a fulfilled person.

We could call it


because you had the urge to study! And you were brave enough to alter the route. You might not be able to join the firm but you find something you are excited about and able to pursue. It is the same with every choice.

If the aim is to buy bread you might want to choose a different route to the bakery! To see something new, to meet someone new. You might even discover that there is a new bakery opened recently and sells much better bread than the one you usually go to. And there is a very charming person working there, or perhaps you meet a great person buying a sandwich there!

So you see, you make your own Destiny!

You make your Destiny by being open minded and not afraid of changes.

Live in the present!


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