Without trust, there is no life, only suffering. Every opportunity for joy and merriness turns into a bitter argument or silent sulking.  Soon your body would show signs of the unhealthy approach towards life, and everybody in it.

Learn to understand and conquer your suspicion.


Module 1 The background of doubts
Lecture 1 Written exercises1
Lecture 2 Definitions
Lecture 3 General picture
Lecture 4 Living organisms
Lecture 5 The 3 groups
Lecture 6 What is trust?
Module 2 Groups of behaviour
Lecture 1 Written exercises2
Lecture 2 The 1st group
Lecture 3 The 2nd group
Lecture 4 The 3rd group
Lecture 5 The 4th group
Lecture 6 The conscious journey
Lecture 7 Summing it up
Module 3 Relationship & Trust
Lecture 1 Written exercises3
Lecture 2 Two individuals in a relationship
Lecture 3 Do not expect
Lecture 4 Considering changes
Lecture 5 Being consistent
Lecture 6 Punishment
Lecture 7 Sleeping with frustration
Lecture 8 The golden rules
Lecture 9 Happy chemicals
Lecture 10 Why should I care?