Dating is a tricky business. Since similar energies like each other, you will attract people with similar characteristics as yourself.

It is also a very dangerous road to set out to find your other half. Two half people never make a good couple. In this course we work on that too.

Module 1 The Beginning
Lecture 1 Dating Questions
Lecture 2 Dating my Path
Lecture 3 Dating Get Ready to Rock
Lecture 4 Dating Miracle
Lecture 5 Dating Destiny
Lecture 6 Dating Soulmates
Lecture 7 Dating Twinflames
Lecture 8 Dating Questions2
Lecture 9 Dating Thinking
Lecture 11 Dating Common Understanding
Lecture 12 Dating Self-Love
Lecture 13 Dating Emotion of Love
Lecture 14 Dating Pictures
Module 2 Dealing with Emotions
Lecture 1 Dating Questions3
Lecture 2 Dating Emotion is Motion
Lecture 3 Dating Partner
Lecture 4 Dating Chemistry
Lecture 5 Dating Discovering Self
Lecture 6 Dating Discover Togetherness
Lecture 7 Dating 4Questions
Lecture 8 Dating Harmony
Lecture 9 Dating Mindset
Lecture 10 Dating Attraction
Lecture 11 Dating Depth of Feeling
Lecture 12 Dating Future Desire
Lecture 13 Dating 5Questions
Lecture 14 Dating Individuals
Lecture 15 Dating Partner Family
Lecture 16 Dating Respect Each Other
Lecture 17 Dating Learn Partner
Lecture 18 Dating Relations Life
Lecture 19 Dating 6Questions
Lecture 20 Dating Stocktaking
Module 3 Mastering the confidence
Lecture 1 Dating 7Questions
Lecture 2 Dating Confidence
Lecture 3 Dating Package
Lecture 4 Dating Experience
Lecture 5 Dating Expect
Lecture 6 Dating Explore
Lecture 7 Dating Excite
Lecture 8 Dating Exchange
Lecture 9 Dating Expand
Lecture 10 Dating 8Questions
Lecture 11 Dating Religion
Lecture 12 Dating Safety Blanket
Lecture 13 Dating Forceful Ignorance
Lecture 14 Dating Past Relationships
Lecture 15 Dating Insecurity
Lecture 16 Dating Responsibilities