Dating is a tricky business. Since similar energies like each other, you will attract people with similar characteristics as yourself.

It is also a very dangerous road to set out to find your other half. Two half people never make a good couple. In this course we work on that too.

Module 1 The Beginning
Lecture 1 1-Written Exercises
Lecture 2 2-My story
Lecture 3 3-Get ready to rock
Lecture 4 4-Miracle
Lecture 5 5-Destiny
Lecture 6 6-Soulmates
Lecture 7 7-Twinflames
Lecture 8 8-Positive thinking
Lecture 10 9-Written exercises2
Lecture 11 10-Common understanding
Lecture 12 11-Self-Love
Lecture 13 12-Emotion of Love
Lecture 14 13-Pictures
Module 2 Mastering the confidence
Lecture 1 1-Written exercises
Lecture 2 2-The Package
Lecture 3 3-Experience
Lecture 4 4-Expect
Lecture 5 5-Explore
Lecture 6 6-Excite
Lecture 7 7-Exchange
Lecture 8 8-Expand
Lecture 9 9-Written exercises2
Lecture 10 10-Religion
Lecture 11 11-Safety blanket
Lecture 12 12-Forceful ignorance
Lecture 13 13-Past relationships
Lecture 14 14-Insecurity
Lecture 15 15-Responsibilities
Module 3 Dealing with Emotions
There are no units in this module.