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Experts contributing to the summit


Joanna Armstrong 

Emotional Freedom Mentor – Sweden

Ilona Brunyanszki

Life Quality Coach – Singapore

Heather Dempsey

Complex Trauma Recovery Mentor – USA Florida

Marie Diamond

Global Transformational Leader – UK

Annika Ek

Health Wisdom Adviser – Canada Ontario

Susan Gale

Intuitive Abilities Facilitator – USA Massachusetts

Tobey Geise

Body Liberation Coach – USA California

Swanette Kuntze

Spiritual Changemaker – Portugal Madeira

Michael Landau

Persistent growth facilitator


Dr. Beverley Lawrence

Holistic Healer & Metaphysical writer – USA Arizona

Valerie Lundgren

Integrative Holistic Health Coach – USA Wisconsin

Lotus Nguyen

Deep Connection Coach – UK

Takara Shelor

Spiritual Treasure Hunter – Author – USA Virginia

Zsa Zsa Tudos

Esoteric Wisdom Educator – Author  – UK

Rose-Anne Turunen-Partridge

Spiritual Warrior – Author – Canada Ontario

Elissa Watson

Empowering Women Life Balance Facilitator – USA Michigan


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