The 4 Pillars of existence


The effect of the Full Moon beams on us for 5 days, providing a clear channel for our wishes and thanks to be conveyed into the universe. So does the influence of the Dark Moon. However, instead of thanks and good wishes we use its power to eliminate obstacles and clarify the steps of new plans.

We talk a lot about our connection to the universe and as a consequence, to nature, but we do not see the depth and the algorithm between the lives of earthlings and their understanding of the subject.

We, human beings are on the top of the evolutionary ladder. Nevertheless, our position is unique, for we are the blend of Earth and the universe. The physical existence comes from Earth, and Knowledge, on the other hand is provided through the soul, and comes from the outside world.

One might think that hurray, that is a good situation! However, this unique position is the cause of all the confusion, hearth-ache, and also joy. The primary misperception comes from the lack of instinctive purpose that all other species possess. The instinctive purpose is never questioned, for doubts are formed by the mind, that is exclusive to human beings and actually belongs to the universe, so to speak. Vegetation and animals do not have mind therefore they cannot question or doubt.

What I am saying is that the natural development of earthlings need to be overseen with added skill on how to do certain functions properly.

Let us look at an example. A puppy starts walking correctly when its body is strong enough, a short time after birth. It doesn’t have bone structure problems like many human puppies develop due to the lack of instinctive certainty. They do not have flatfoot, bent knees, curved back and sloppy posture the beginnings of painful structure problems of the future. There are no questions about animals releasing their offspring into the world when time arrives and carry on living by following the path they are given. Animals are ready to look after themselves when reaching a certain age, while most earthlings are tied to the nest without future prospects and adequate understanding on life.  

It means that people need to learn the know-how of the instincts that comes naturally to animals and vegetation.

And I can go on and on and on.     

This is the foundation of existence. Without a strong base a castle cannot be built. And the building procedure cannot be started at the 4th floor.

The confusion is endless. The morsels of truth filter through the thin and fragile structure and starts a life of its own with added values imagined by the owner.

It happens because due to the shaky ground, earthlings want to learn in their comfort zone. However, it is not possible. It is called the comfort zone for the reason of it providing false safety with its understanding. Otherwise, insecurity steps in and alters the course of existence.

And that is what we need! Changes can only come from outside and conscious learning is the only vehicle to provide new keywords to open the knowledge of the universe.  

However, this knowledge doesn’t come easy, for what is important, is hidden. The basic understanding of life has to be clarified and comprehended. Then, the time arrives when the real fun starts. The path, that takes you through doubts, heartache, and struggle, finishes in the absolute satisfaction of clarity and an overwhelming feeling of the appreciation of the self as an important part of the universe. The understanding, that you are never alone and you are capable to go through anything put in front of you. In one word, the happiness you deserve. 

The level of emotional and mental state of an earthling is measured by the blend of the four basic elements – Earth, Water, Air and Fire – within.

The concept is to awaken these elements by learning their functions, qualities and use them as doors to higher appreciation.

It is not about believing that something is out there but about understanding what is out there.

I put together a series of lectures to take you through the development of the human mind.

The 4 Pillars are built on each other. The first is Earth Initiation where you learn about materials, physical health, ties and comfort zone.

The second will be the understanding of thoughts, emotions and deeds, connected to the physical realm, with Water initiation.

The third is a secured connection with the universe through the keywords put into the subconscious. It is the place where the comfort zone is stretched to new limits, allowing fresh air, and total comprehension of life.

The fourth pillar is the open gate to the ancient knowledge, power and strength through the Fire element.

In this Premium Course we eliminate the beliefs and misconceptions that are keeping humanity chained by establishing that

  • The Future cannot be built on the debris of the Past
  • A Construction cannot survive without Foundation and Work cannot start with the second floor.
  • The Evolution of a Man is the Development of Power and Possibilities which never develop by themselves.
  • Nature doesn’t require evolution from a man. It should be natural to do certain things.
  • The only Freedom of a man is the freedom of thoughts. That is why evolution is possible.
  • The evolution of a man is the evolution of their consciousness. That is why it cannot develop unconsciously. It is the evolution of their will and it cannot evolve involuntarily. 
  • The Evolution of a man is the evolution of their power of doing. Doing cannot be the result of things which happen. 
  • A man has no permanent and unchangeable. 
  • It is axiomatic that science is resting on false or shaky foundations.

The course takes 5 weeks to complete through live lectures and Q&As. Recording of the lectures will be available to students. 


Momentarily, the cost of the 4-module Premium Course is reduced by 75% and it is available for 



 You gain:

  • Lifetime access to the course – videos and PDF material
  • Membership of private support group
  • Reduction on future events, courses and services
  • Lifetime access to bonus courses:  

                            1. MAINTAIN YOUR HEALTH WITH NATURE (worth $997USD)

                            2. TRUST YOURSELF TO TRUST OTHERS (worth $897USD)

  • Introduction to AKIA Philosophy


The Premium Course starts on the 11th of January 2023 at 8 a.m. P.T.  Zoom link is available via email a day prior to the event.

Further dates: 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th of January at 8 a.m. P.T.


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