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Hi People, due to the self-isolation and the worrying time around and ahead of us, AKIA Publishing decided to make your time as valuable as possible. 

In solitude – either voluntary or self-inflicted –  the mind starts buzzing and thoughts get confused. The situation might not be permanent but the damage to the mental and emotional organs could set up longtime residency in your life.  

We are launching a massive discount on Zsa Zsa’s books to meet the requirements of earthlings at large, on the quest of feeding & healing the Body, Mind, and Soul. 

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Heavenly nourishment

Conscious eating in 7 steps

Astrological cookery book

The very first book on offer is a fascinating cookery book with valuable extra features, to learn about the effects of the heavens on the food we consume, the New Zodiac that took over the old one around the quantum leap in 2012, the basic maintenance of the body, illnesses, energies, and definitely not the last, 180 easy – to – follow recipes to please those around you and satisfy your tastebuds. 


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    and they work together   

Sci-fi erotica
Rating: 18+

A book no bedroom should be without

„How is she down on Keta?” he wondered. „Must be very lonely there. Things she had to go through because of my stupidity. Darling beautiful! I must pay her a visit one of these days.”

With these words in his mind, he arrived at the office building. Looking into the copper triangle monitor noticed that the visitor was around two and a half meters tall, very slim and dark-haired creature.


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Dancing with the Desertwolf

Life, my eternal love

Novel – Autobiography

“I love life. I adore its challenges, its joys, and pains; its generosity and obstacles. I take every event as an exciting new phase and consider it a teaching of the highest level. 

I often wonder why I chose this family to descend into. It could have been the freedom of thoughts for nobody ever bothered with me. I was left to discover the farm, where I spent few years of my tender age on Earth with my grandparents; the forest next to it and the lake nearby, covered with thick vegetation and housed amazing wildlife.”



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5 Secrets of the Matrix

The True Core of Self-Development

Essential keys to answers 


“When somebody gives birth, in Spain they say dar a luz, meaning give to light. By doing it one opens the possibility for an organic energy to grow. If this organic energy is guided and developed in the right way, it eventually becomes the source of light itself. It would reach the highest level of existence, the Sun man, the Ra that radiates and shines upon everything and everybody around, to ease the path. Therefore when somebody gives birth, she actually gives light.”

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The 4th Way

Teaching the Gnostic Wisdom of AKIA Philosophy

Esoteric textbook with minicourses to start you on the road

“The whole Universe and everything in it follows a cycle of evolution. As we learn and experience our frequency gets higher and we become lighter. When I say our, it is not only earthlings but the planet and the Solar system also, to stay near to home. The lighter we are the more difficult it is for us to stay within the magnetic field of Earth. Life becomes unbearable, humanity destroys itself and ends a great cycle. As in every case, destruction is followed by rebuilding and a new cycle begins. However, the motions of the two poles give degree to the destroying and building. The learned and the more evolved understands the interrelations of energies with the responsibility towards each other, and would climb the ladder of evolution by convincing others to create and build together; while lesser individuals would demolish the surroundings to make the peak of their achievement more distinguished and impressive.”

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Emotion the Machinery of Life

The Missing factors of Happy relationships

Happiness is a philosophy and not a momentary joy


“I am planning a series of Emotions books. This one highlights the common mistakes people make when they decide to enter into or stay away from a romantic relationship. The next will be about actual dating and sexuality and the third will be about forming a family and inviting children. I also plan to write about spiritual couplehood and spiritual parenting.”

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Life is yours to Win

It all happens in the mind

Metaphysical explanations of confusing thoughts


“It is very naïve to think that the mind could be healed by superficial aids such as medication or conventional psychoanalysis. It takes learning, understanding and will power, to get on the path of joyful living. It is time to realize that nothing valuable comes to you without work, for valuable thoughts, understandings and knowledge are hidden. It takes a committed, curious and life-loving earthling to dig for the treasure without being satisfied by the glittery surface.  

This is your handbook to lean on when the burden is heavy. Read it thoroughly and frequently.”

You might find the AKIA Mantra useful in this trying times

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