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Heavenly nourishment

The very first book on offer is a fascinating cookery book with valuable extra features, to learn about the effects of the heavens on the food we consume, the New Zodiac that took over the old one around the quantum leap at 2012, the basic maintenance of the body, illnesses, energies, and definitely not the last, 180 easy – to – follow recipes to please those around you and satisfy your tastebuds. 


a book no kitchen should be without!



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Rating: 18+

„How is she down on Keta?” he wondered. „Must be very lonely there. Things she had to go through because of my stupidity. Darling beautiful! I must pay her a visit one of these days.”

With these words in his mind, he arrived at the office building. Looking into the copper triangle monitor noticed that the visitor was around two and a half meters tall, very slim and dark-haired creature.


A book no bedroom should be without

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Dancing with the Desertwolf

I love life. I adore its challenges, its joys, and pains; its generosity and obstacles. I take every event as an exciting new phase and consider it a teaching of the highest level. 

I often wonder why I chose this family to descend into. It could have been the freedom of thoughts for nobody ever bothered with me. I was left to discover the farm, where I spent few years of my tender age on Earth with my grandparents; the forest next to it and the lake nearby, covered with thick vegetation and housed an amazing wildlife.


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