The metaphysical relationship of the stones
Rocks & Light in Petra Jordan. Photo Zs.T.

When I got up this morning I started to think. Well, it is not a big deal really for thoughts usually start occupying my mind at the very first conscious moment after waking. Considering the aspect of my occupation – business, life purpose, hobby, and curiosity – I would generally find the life of humanity in the centre of my pondering.

I have not been a great friend of facebook since ever really but recently it started to bug me. It is nothing to do with Mr Zuckerberg or the structure of the social media application. It is rather to do with the content.

Have you noticed how the content of facebook has changed in recent years? Out of that time, 2019 sows the most dramatic decrease in value. With millions of groups without real purpose provide platforms to complain, moan and to blame. They teach you how to find a culprit for every event – past, present and future – that ails you. And if you happened to be one of those intelligent human beings who leave the past behind where it belongs, they would make sure to put a bug into your mind in order to start doubting your choices.

Today the platform is swamped with self-appointed esoteric groups without any esoteric value whatsoever. Esoteric is a Greek word meaning the highest knowledge available to mankind. Clearly, it is a very scarcely known fact around. The event that these groups announce help for those in need, only adds to the misperception. Merely they provide space for members to put up confusing questions about the lack of their decision-making abilities, waiting for answers from the more fortunate or whoever is having the time to read them. One might say that talking about problems eases the load. It is true. However, it would not bring you a solution. You empty your mind so you have this false understanding that you dealt with the situation and put it aside. To stay in the game you grab a new thought and put it out there again. Eventually, you will end up with a pile of unsolved situation to confuse you further. Have you ever thought about actually spending some time on each of your questions and figure them out by yourself? I know it is time-consuming, so is the constant posting and waiting for help that never comes. I am sorry to tell you but not many people are out there who pay attention to your troubles. Let alone thinking about them. They only want to air the thoughts they picked up somewhere and gain a bit of a glorification.

I also happened to know that people like free stuff: free advice, free reading, free healing and so on. But guys, you really need to think! You have to pay for the time at least, what somebody invests into your life. You do not spend your precious moments on your own trouble and expect others to do it for you? Please!

I also am dreaded to see any more pictures of cute animals. It is saddening how earthlings relate to them. Yesterday I came across one with a dog sitting, its front legs protectively around a kitten. In the comments, people melted: how cute! and so on. We know that dogs and cats do not really like each other very much. However, they managed to put it aside and comfort each other in need. But this is something the hazy eyed observers could not see. We people kill each other. Condemn others due to the colour of their skin, their origin, social background and different understanding of life. We talk about the same species and these are not even qualities! We kill our own children, parents and other relatives generally considered family.

There was another interesting post I have seen. An elephant killed the man who was about to shoot it. And people were praising the animal for its bravery. And yes, it was a narrow chance. On the other hand, earthlings sit down, suffer and moan living under the jurisdiction of persons they would never talk to if they met on the street, and do nothing. Only moan. Only complain. And very often they wait for some kind of heavenly interruption. The elephant who lives under the same heavenly ruling – whatever your belief system allows it to be – understands that its life is its responsibility and needs to treasure it. Why this basic understanding cannot spring out of the minds of earthlings? If you are so much into animals, please learn from them at least! They only kill if attached or for survival and definitely help each other in any circumstances.

I would suggest you make decisions about the quality of your life and work on it. Solve past situations, live the present and look forward to the future! Life is extraordinarily beautiful. See it! Feel it!

Have a good life!


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