The Code

I do not support the idea that we carry a code from our earthly ancestors. The reason behind my decision is logic. And believe it or not, the whole universe is a logical and interrelated matrix.

If we take codes – karma, illnesses, and behaviour patterns – from our parents we would be hit all that of the whole of humanity, for the parents would take it from their parents and these people would carry the load of their parents. So it would roll back to the beginning. Even if you think it is only for seven generations. The rolling doesn’t stop because it cannot. 

These codes are supposed to lead you to the trodden path of your grandparents, in some cases that of your great-great-grandparents. They are also meant to transfer or continue the responsibility for their deeds onto your shoulders creating quite an upheaval and many obstacles in your life. When we look at the constantly moving Universe we realize that this idea is only wishful thinking by those who dislike change and dwell in the past. Or of those who want to implant fear and with that total succumb to man-made controlling rules. It is a very dangerous idea indeed. The foundation is very fragile and totally dismisses the possibility of the Macrocosm by turning Earthlings into narrow-minded robot-like creatures with very few choices about the future.

The Code

and ancestors

Earthly ancestors mean very little to a soul. Many people follow or relive the life of a parent of the same gender believing that there is no choice; that they have to take this path for it is karmic or simply fate. Well, choices do not come to you by themselves. One needs to have adequate information to be presented with choices. Everybody has a choice but one needs to find those paths. For many people having choices is a curse. We need to look at different aspects and we need to make decisions. The other convincing feature of path following is fear.

The Code 

and parents

There are certain cases when one follows the footsteps of a parent without much thought and consideration and then when reality hits it is too late to stop the motion. Looking at parents as raw models can make or break the future of a child. There is far more to parenting than staying together and pretending to be a happy family.

The Code

and your inheritance

There are also physical inclinations such as certain movements and ways of carrying oneself; likes and dislikes for food, drink, events and so on. As likes and dislikes are in the mind I would not take it as a code. My parents divorced when I was 4 years old. I lived with my mother who was constantly blaming my father for everything and told nasty stories about him even though she was already remarried and had a new baby from the second marriage. One day, when I was eating sourcrout, which happened to be my very favourite dish, she mentioned that I was a lot like my father because I loved the dish and so did he. I put the spoon down straight away and had not looked at a sour cabbage dish for a couple of years until I had the opportunity to meet my father and understand him a bit better. I realized that he was not a bad person so it stopped bothering me that I was in any way like him.

The Code

and inclinations

Biological inclinations are very tricky indeed. The physical body is the merge of 2 other bodies therefore there is a great possibility to develop inclinations towards certain illnesses or other inclinations carried by one of the merging bodies.

These tendencies are dormant until a key energy triggers them open. And here we arrive back to the interrelations of energies for it is the key to everything. Depending on the relationship between the conscious and the subconscious one carries a certain emotional state which works as a magnet and pulls in certain energies to interfere with the condition of the existing one. This is how these inclinations open blend into the life of the unsuspecting victim.

As a healer, I would say that these tendencies are not only detectable but curable. 

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