Awakening Summit



The AWAKENING SUMMIT was initiated by Zsa Zsa Tudos. The idea was to invite AWAKENERS, authors, healers, teachers, coaches, thinkers who understand the pressure we are under and are dedicated to contributing to the changes for a better future of Earth and Humanity. Those, who have secrets about the soul, earthlings, the planet, the macrocosm, living conditions, ways of thinking, togetherness, couplehood, bringing up children, the self, in one word, existing on the planet, to come forward and share those secrets.

The material, such as interviews, lectures, mini-courses, will be transferred to the private Facebook group and made available to those who sign in.

The AWAKENING SUMMIT and the content is free and will stay accessible on Facebook, as long as allowed by their owners.

Relevant courses and coachings are introduced to the audience with massive savings, as a helping hand towards the path of Awakening.

Free gifts are added to the material.

The AWAKENING SUMMIT is an excellent platform to seek answers to questions about existence at large.

The AWAKENING SUMMIT is an ongoing event that is held two monthly.

Hope to see you there.


All the wonders!

Zsa Zsa Tudos

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