Are you a coach, educator, or conscious being, having questions in mind to which you cannot find answers? The feeling that you are floating between planes without being able to tap onto the mental and emotional intelligence you were rewarded at birth? You cannot find bridges between the segments of life? You cannot implement your own teaching into your existence? Look no further! Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to take this Mega Course created solely for the consciously curious, having the courage to handle new challenges, dares to unveil the truth, and ready for the fresh air out of the ever-expanding comfort zone within 1 year or less.



Offers preliminary information that creates a base for the coming trainings. We talk about the origin of mankind, astro-physical data and the planet.

Training 1 – 7 lectures 3 weeks


It is the first step into the Knowledge. Every organic energy, earthling amongst them, comes from the blend of the 4 basic elements. Therefore, it is vital to get our body, mind and spirit aligned with them. In this module, we go through Earth element and discover the elixir of life within. 

Training 1 – Earth element Initiation

23 lectures – 4 weeks

Training 2 – Release the Spring of Light Within

21 lectures – 3 weeks

Module 3 – HEALER

Every soul on Earth possesses healing capabilities. It is not something extraordinary or a gift bestowed upon chosen few but a side-effect of being an earthling. However, the quality of this fascinating capability greatly depends of the owner’s mind frame and understanding. When one is set to walk the Path of Enlightenment towards regaining the Knowledge, it is inevitable to not only bump into it but take the time to understand the mechanism.

My Esoteric journey started with a Reiki 1 course I attended out of pure curiosity. I learnt 2 vital facts from that event. The first was that I had been practicing healing for as long as I remember. That is why people around called me a witch. The second was the absence of philosophy – the 2 Greek words of filing and knowledge – and the obvious gap-fillers used to conceal the lack of interrelated information needed for total understanding.

Since the symbols used by Reiki are Atlantean symbols, I use them in my teachings, expanded by a wider horizon and knowledge to replace the filler, and provide comprehendible information to serve as a solid base for further studies.

Apart from the healing mechanism, we take on the Water Element Initiation in this module. Water represents emotions. And emotions are the machinery of life. So, there is a lot to do! 

Training 1 – AKIA – Healer 1

10 lectures – 3 weeks

Training 2 – AKIA – Healer 2

7 lectures – 3 weeks

Training 3 – Water Initiation

41 lectures – 4 weeks


In this module, we are furthering the healing knowledge, backed up with some historical events and metaphysical data.

Furthermore, there is the Initiation of the 3rd element, Air. This element is the go-between the macro and microcosms, the bridge between the conscious and the subconscious. We are opening the gate for the Light by providing knowledge hooks for teaching coming from above.

Training 1 – AKIA – Healer 3

10 lectures 3 weeks

Training 2 – AKIA – Healer 4

7 lectures 3 weeks


23 lectures 3 weeks


In this module we learn the concept and mastermind of every form of human interaction, focusing on the romantic type. Do not dismiss it, just because you are not in a relationship! Sexuality is the elixir of life and it is in everything.

Here, we also learn about the concept of Tantra. Against all beliefs, Tantra is not about sexual positions. The word literary means interwoven, similarly to philosophy.

The first step is to understand and control the energy flow of the body and the universe. After, we take on the task of sharpening all our senses in order to develop them into essential aerials of intergalactic communications.

With all this understanding and knowledge, the body is ready for the last and highest Element Initiation, The Fire. This element derives from the universe. Therefore, the earthbound body has to be elevated to the level of the meeting point, where the 2 perfect triangles slip into each other and we become 4 dimensional.


93 lectures 4 weeks

Training 2 – AKIA – Emotional Channel Building 1

15 lectures 2 weeks

Training 3 – AKIA -Emotional Channel Building 2 

15 lectures 2 weeks


30 lectures 3 weeks


The last step is to master your choice of the professional field. You may choose one or all the possible fields. This is the time when you prepare for the exams.  

Training 1 – AKIA – HEALER TEACHER – 8 weeks


Training 3 – AKIA EDUCATOR – 8 weeks


  1. Completely re-wires the brain
  2. Build a bridge between conscious and subconscious
  3. Opens the knowledge in the Pineal Gland
  4. Clears the purpose of existence
  5. Reach the ultimate freedom – the freedom of thought
  6. Become your own master
  7. Learn the principles and structure of healing
  8. Find your place within the universe
  9. Take you through the 4 elements initiations
  10. Learn to understand your abilities
  11. Acquire the Mastermind of dating, romantic human interactions and communication skills.
  12. Put you on the road of conscious existence

AKIA – Healer-Teacher diploma

AKIA – Intersextion Intimacy & Family Coach diploma

AKIA – Educator diploma

P.S. Possibility to take on the second level mega course with substantial saving offered to existing students.

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The Mega Course takes 

46 weeks + 3 weeks exams to accomplish. It has 6 modules + 16 trainings + 304 lectures

Places are limited to 30 persons

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