Consciously we want the live happily ever after scenario. What is on this picture? And that is the problem. We see it as a picture! And pictures are static. They do not move and they do not live. They are dead! They capture a certain moment of life, usually arranged to our wish. If we have a crush we try to organize events to have the two of us near enough to each other to take a photo. Today it is easy. You just fiddle with your phone and hoppaaaa, there is a picture. Or invite Photoshop to help you. In some cases it could actually work out. Joining two people together on a photo strengthen the chance of the 2 meeting. Nevertheless I need to warn you that it is a witch craft, for it is a conscious manipulation of energies. Of course we use the art every day, only we do not understand it.

Let us get back to pictures and the thoughts in your mind. If there is an ex you feel particularly nostalgic about, you are going to look at pictures where the 2 of you are holding hands, kissing and usually nobody is around. But you cannot hold hands all the time, your lips would get tired of kissing and people live around you. There is always a girlfriend who is envious of your sudden fortune of having somebody, a friend who is more sensitive or comforting than you are and happy to jump in, parents who would say: we want the best for you darling, he is no good for you or my beautiful son, she cannot take care of you as well as I can, and so on. These are thoughts of selfish narrow mindedness when parents are afraid of changes in their little bubble and to lose the control of their creations, meaning you. Mistakenly these actions are taken for love and caring.

Live in the present!