is the result of one’s relationship with the Universe. It is a philosophy, a point of view. Although we have this misconception that happiness depends on the state of the current companionship in life, it actually dwells within and mirrors the understanding of existence and the earthling’s individual thought forms about the word.


is in your mind.

At the end, the quality of life results from one’s understanding of the Universe at a given time and aspect. Staying with happiness, is an overwhelming emotional state that occurs when the individual earthling reaches the point of fulfilment, that brings clarity concerning interrelations of events.

Do not mistake HAPPINESS with the surface idea of peace and harmony earthlings seek as the ultimate result of good living. Although the two of them are practically the same, the understanding is not. As an example, when we say: leave me in peace we actually mean that we should be left alone in our nutshell, with the familiar thoughts and ideas. However it is the darker pole of existence with no interaction and motion. It is the greatest pitfall, the stillness, the vegetating.


is a way of living.

As a cycle, life is a catch 22 situation, provided by the pushing – pulling motion of the conscious and the sub-conscious. It is the Ying and Yan motion. Although the soul is immortal the physical body has its time limits, and as the result a cycle of earthly living is restricted to the well-functioning of this evolutionary tool. It is why earthlings spend a lifetime to protect the physical body by putting a roof over it, clothes, clean, feed and comfort it. Take to the gym, put it through emotional effects and all kinds of pleasure. We do that because it is through the body we experience and evolve. This motion keeps the body alive. On the other hand, in the mind we rush through life only touching the steps we planned to walk, while thinking about the next station on the row.

Live in the present!


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