Live happily ever after


The “live happily ever after” concept depicts an imaginary state earthlings search for. “I only want to be happy! Is it too much to ask for?” we say while waiting for some kind of a miracle to provide us with the subject or object of our happiness. We do not realize that the question itself is the only obstacle preventing us from reaching a state of harmony. Primarily the sentence is pointed to the Self, and quite rightly I must admit, for happiness comes from within, whatever our understanding of the word is. Nevertheless we mislead ourselves by pretending to be aware of this. However on the picture behind this question there is always somebody taking up a very prominent place in the outcome. Why do we say that “I want to be happy” when it is conditioned on the presence of another person? There are 2 answers to this question: we either do not care or we do not understand. Neither of these conditions takes us closer to the goal due to the lack of a basic understanding of earthly living.

Live in the present!


Is Happiness for You?


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