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Emotion surgery

The aim with Sentimental Education webinars is to help as many earthlings as possible. We figure that your contentment would add to ours so it is beneficial for us.

  • basically focuses on the most common questions, but embraces unique situations also.
  • helps in every situation. Let it be family, work, friendship or romance related, we are here to talk to you.
  • wants you to talk, to ask questions and to listen.
  • is non biased, non-religious and non-judgmental forum, open for every human being.

Due to our tight schedule with live lectures, it sometimes happens that surgeries are pushed forward a bit. However we do our best to fit them into a fortnightly agenda.

We provide monthly emotion surgery for members free of charge.

You can become a member of by downloading the How to relationship? 1 course here.


The next emotion surgery will be on the

22nd of July 2018 at 4 p.m. GMT

Loneliness & Remedies

Sentimental education Emotion surgery is free for members of the site.

Make sure you enroll by sending an email to It is vital that your email address is valid, because we send you the link to enter the webinar.

You can register for full membership here.

The vast classroom fills up fast. So make sure you book in time!


Thank you! Have a nice day!

emotion surgery