To help you with your decision making I would like to outline the most important aspects of the membership.


  • Continuous learning about life, putting emphasis on relationship issues
  • Free admission to our relationship webinars
  • Specific lessons to open your horizon
  • Seminars and forums to discuss personal issues
  • Articles to aid you with your important questions
  • Blog to exchange thoughts and meet others
  • Continuous help is around almost anytime
  • Multicultural and multiracial relationships are helped
  • Discount on Psychic and Soul Readings


  • You lose 2 pints of beer or 4 coffees a month.

When you decide to join us – after thorough consideration – please choose from the following options:

  • 1 year membership paid monthly

  • 1 year membership with a discount paid in one sum

  • 1 month membership to browse around

Live in the present!